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Quotes by xoiitstayyxo

Somebody Should Sue Disney;
for planting the idea into little kids heads that
every girl is a princess  and they have a prince
and that everything ends with  a
happily ever after.
i often miss the little girl.
whos dreams had no barriers
who believed in a world
where anything was possible.
with a heart that was
full and unbroken.
im not ok.
your not ok.
that is ok.
i fell for you.
fell so hard for so long.
then i ended up hitting rock bottom.
and now in the end im laying there.
laying there hurt and hopeless.
your giving me a fairytale relationship.
and i hope to have a happily ever after.
informed.committed.vibrant.organized. active.
involved.condfient. alive. bold.respecectful. proud.
  unique.clever. wise.focused.happy. curious.
      brave.dependable. patient.giving.caring. strong.
relaxed.kind. warm.

knowledgeable..sensiable. trust worthy.
where do we go from here?
you said we were over, but this has happened before. we have  been here before.
you have said that i can go and date your bestfriends, you have said that before.
but look where we are now, you ended it because of your friends, then you cry about it?
i do have feelings too, i have strong feelings for you, and i fall harder for you everyday.
saying we can just be friends? you have said that before and we both ended up with eachother.
i just want to help you, and be there for you. like you were always there for me. but saying that
i can go date your friends, and that you dont need me, made me so confused. i was returing favors.
we can still be friends, but i will never understand what went down in our relationship, it was all perfect.
close to my fairytale relationship, but eeven better because i was with the one i love, you. where do we go from here?
were not together anymore.

--sorry if its bad..--

Everyone thinks about
changing the world but nobody thinks about
Changing Themselves.

Dont Worry About The World Ending In 2012
the jonas brothers have made it to the year 3000.

oh do i love facebook groups !