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Quotes by xojeb

"sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person"          -gerard way

_alright this is being wicked stupid and not
showing any of my color andd crap
but whateveerrr..i quit!
thats wHeN she said
i don't hate you boy i just want to save you..<3

  always remember the days 
                 when you look in the mirror and 
tell yourself
   ..."i am beautiful"

all mine..please dont jockk
and can anyone else honestly
"say" they were pretending to be a rockstar &&
 jammin out in there shower then...
fell flat on there butt?!

*favorite if your a nerd like me (:
<< sorry about the stupid colors, my bestiee jos
chose these colorss. lolll
                    me and my boyfriend
                                              were talking the other night&&
                        out of no where he says to me...
 "baby i love how pretty you are;;i love your hair and your tiny litttle hands and i love it when we are together and you know
what babe?
             ////i just love you"