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heeey,im jessicaa!(:
i play softball & feild hockeyy!
in softball i play 3rd 2nd and catchh♥
in feild hockey i play anythingg(:
im loud&laugh at nothing like  all other teenagerss(:
same brithday? commentt(:!
k thanks byee.♥

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Quotes by xojessicanicolexo00

i dident tell you??
must of been none
of your damn business(:
so if you cant
tell me why
mention it??

you just have to

live life
not caring
what they think
and shake off
the drama
and prove to them that
you are better
than they think you are!(:

our inside jokes to many to name,

when were apart its never the same

when were together its nothing but fun

replacing my girls just cant be done