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Hey there pretty girl.<3 My name is maryssa! call me Maymay though! I happen to be the halfy in the picture on your screen. i am fresh meat and 15. I happen to blow the candles out on January 11th! I love volleyball, track, and music. I like all time low, sleeping with sirens, he is we, tay swift, pierce the veil, cody simpson, luke bryan, and many many more. I love sports with a passion and love jesus with all my heart. I am not taken but i am not single either. I have been talking to the same guy for about seven months now . (: I am a proud christian but i also have my faults. I will talk to just about anyone so message me beautiful.<3

Quotes by xojesusfreedmexo

Scars on her hips
Smile on her lips.
Whats youre instagram names? Follow for a follow?
Because maybe she doesn't want to listen to your playlist anymore.
When all the quotes in your "quotes by people you follow" is from one person. -.-
It wasn't HIM that made my life bearable. It was only that it took someone like him to help me realize, I really am lucky.
I think I'm in love with my best friend. &you know what? I don't care. Hes there for me all the time as I am for him. We hang out a lot. I love him, he loves (not the same way) me. They say to love and be loved is the best gift so what more can I ask for.?
&imiss everything about you, I cant believe that I still want you. After all the things we've been through; I miss everything about youu w/out youuu.
When you close your toungue in the cap of the water bottle. -.-
Christmas hallmark movies have taught me that if I hire a random stranger to come home with me for the holidays to impress my family, he will be perfect and end up as my boyfriend. Good to know.
Follow Nicole love on instagram. Her username is lovelike_woe. She and her girlfriend are litterally perfect.