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Quotes by xojuliiaa16

enjoy your life today,

because yesterday is gone.
& & tomorrow may never come.

Fave fOr the innOcent puppy 
who was burned to death .
rest in peace little guy♥



fruit loops are just

( me and my cousins conversation.. sorry i had to put this up . )
sarah ; im smarter than you.. im obama & your osama.
me ; ... owned.


dear tampocommerical,

when I'm on my period , I don't wear a WHITE bikini
or do a backflip.

sincerely , 
real woman


so me & my phone are 
are playing hide & seek.

 that bitchh is good.



When I was little
"I'm telling on you ."
was the scariest

sentence ever.

Seeing yourself

in the mirror after school &


" Did I really look like THAT all day ? "


The tooth fairy                            

teaches children that      
they can sell their                 

»»»body parts      

                 for money. 

T H A T  M O M E N T W H E N Y O U

scream at the t.v.
when something bad is 

about to happen .


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