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Quotes by xokerry23

our tans might fade...
but  all  our  memories  will  last
a l i fetime<3


not my quote or format...credit<3



    dont even bother.

He gives me butterflies
and theyre fluttering
 If you come near me... i will kill you
                                                                     s  t  u  p  i  d   b u g.
 If a band -aican't fix it,
what can?
doctor dan the bandage man :D

I am i the only one who thinks about "him" <3
                everytime i see a *love* quote?
<3                                        <3                       <3

not my border. credit.

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Did you mean: boys?
Mom  look! i found him at school!
can we keep him? please? <3
If a cow laughs hard,
does milk come out
of its nose?
Do you have trouble making up  you r  mind?well, yes or no?