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have you ever wanted to cry but no tears came out
so you just stare blankly into space
while feeling your heart break into pieces


♡ when your crush texts you cute things like
“who is this” and “how did you get this number” ♡

Me: For Christmas I want a boyfriend
Santa: Let's be realistic

when a girl changes her clothes in front of you, she’s either really interested or you’re level 99 friend-zoned
Or she hasn’t spotted you in the tree yet.

u never truly appreciate how nice it is to be able to breathe through your nose until u get a cold
Seeing a hot stranger in public is a blessing
Seeing the same hot stranger in public again is a sign
Quote Contests
(a new feature idea)
I was thinking about adding a new feature to make Witty a little more fun.  I thought it might be entertaining to have contests created by users to come up with the funniest joke, most inspirational story, coolest format or whatever.  To enter each contest you'd tag your quote with a specific tag for that contest (like contestlamepun or contestcoolformat) and then people could browse by that tag and vote for their favorites by faving the quotes. Just an idea.  Sound like fun?
do u ever wonder how many people’s dreams you have been in?
"id date a fan"

doesnt mean

"id date a 12 year old who knows more about

me than i do"
There’s a blind boy in one of my English teacher’s classes and last week our assignment was to write poetry about nature…
this is what he turned in:
Roses are black
Violets are black
Everything is black

I can’t see.