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8.6.07 ii LOVE YOU SO MUCH AUSTiN AND ii ALWAYS WiLL __ ' ♥ ' IM for flyy edits && advice i always on loves x3 im not rlly this much more .. but can still ask if want dunno if i got everything so srry* xox ally ♥

Quotes by xolOViiNxHiiMxo

nope you can do it like me
ho* ; so dont do it like me
folk i see you tryna do it like me
man that sh*t was uglllyyy =]

haha soulja boii <33

*cute editss
Now i got 32 flavors of that bootylicious
Raspberry,grape,cherry, come && get this honey bun
not your ordinary lady known to drive a ***** crazy
willie wonka wanna pay me;

haha flyy edits ask<3
How did I get here, I turned around
And there you were
I didn't think twice or rationalize
Cause somehow I knew
That there was more than just chemistry
I mean I knew you were kind of into me
But I figured it's too
Good to be true <3
oh em gee.. i love hannah montana soo much!! ask all my friendsz!! ok got cutee edits<3
people are gonna change. but you`ll
always have that one group of friends
you can always come back to.
- laguna beach
haaawwwtttt =]

ever since we first met ;
be kinda hard to forget.
[ no i don't like you ]
i just stare at you all day long for no reason
how do i breathe?
without you here by my side? x||3

hehe O'marion ! editss<3
i want him to l a u g h at me, trip me, && help me up...pick me
up and then throw me in the pool. make me watch football for
h o u r s, and take me to the arcade and beat me in air hockey
most of all, i just want to be [ glad that he loves me ] <3
oh my, you make MTV want

to start a show called
Pimp My Face