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Life is beautiful. 
I'm Erin, 16. Track, cross country, the beach, friends, SUMMER.


I love my boyfriend<3

Quotes by xolacrosseox

How you get sleepy after crying,
It’s like your mind is telling you, “youve suffered enough, 
it’s time to shut down for a bit.”


Strong is thne

I know it hurts right now 
to think about all  of  the promises he brokeall of the lies he told,
-------------- Allof those times that he told you he loved you;
 how you gave him every ounce of your love, and got nothing in return.
I BET IT’S HARD TO BREATHE when you think about him;
how his arms were your favorite place to be, and his smile brightened your day.
I know you miss him when you think about his gorgeous eyes,
And all the long nights you spend talking about the future; your future.

I know you still love him.

To be considered beautiful
shouldn’t depend on the size of your jeans,
but on the size of your heart. 

Every magazine tells heshes not good enough;

---------------------> The pictures that she sees make her cry. _*


She prays one day she'll find someone to need her 

When all someone does is hurt you,

but you still love them with all your heart. Yeah, that's sad.  

Holding obecause youre all know;

I ’  m  n o t  s t r o n g  e n o u g h  t o  l e t  y o u  g o. 

I have the tendency to run from love.

I think it's because all I've ever seen is goodbye. 
Nobody has ever stuck around long enough 
to show me that true love is worth fighting for;
Maybe you were worth fighting for. 

& for once, he doesn't care.