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Alexis. You can call me Lexi.
HarryPotter. Tumblr.Witty.Movies. OneDirectionThe Notebook.The LastSong.Dear John. Texting. Disney Movies. Beauty and the Beast.Summer. HARRY STYLES<3
August 18, 14 years ago, I was born and raised in the Garden State (Jerseyy), I used to live at the Shore but now I live in Linden and I miss the shore more than anything. .
Some people think I'm a bitch, but that's life and theres always gonna be haters. Haters are my motivation<3
*Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
*Shot me out of the sky, You're my kryptonite, You keep making me weak, yeah frozen and can't breathe
*Can we fall? One more time, Stop the take, and rewind


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Belly's POV
"Isabella, Valentina! Lets go!" I flipped off the bedroom light while simultaneously ignoring the fact that my mom was yet again, rushing me.
"Valentina, Lets go!" I shouted through the bathroom door just as it opened. " We're gonna be late."
"Oh shut-up, I'm ready" she responded, tossing me my new purple flip flops.
Walking out of my bathroom, Valentina looked like she  had just walked off the cover off one of the glossy magazines that littered my queen sized bed.
 In a black mini and red halter, she would draw stares no matter where we went. Her dark hair hung in curls just past her shoulders and her green eyes shone with excitement.
I on the other hand, looked like your typical California girl. My pin-straight blonde hair accented my blue eyes perfectly and everything from my denim short-shorts to my purple rhinestone tank top complimented my tan perfectly. Too bad I was from New York.
"Girls! LETS GO!" My mom called again, growing impatient.
"Coming" we called as we ran down the stairs and piled into the silver convertible I had gotten for my 17th birthday.
"Bye Mom!" I called as we drove off, ready to start the summer.

Here. Story

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You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know.




Hey girls, my internet is down, im posting this from a friends house, as soon as my internet is back i promise i will post the next few chapters of the story, again, i am so sorry, my internet has been down for a few days. im hoping to get it back soon. i love you all and thank you for all your support<3

What flickering lights mean:
❒ Something electric
✔ The hash-slinging-slasher.



j a y c i e c u t i e 0 1 ' s f o r m a t


 You figured you could toy with me until someone better came along, and I wouldn't mind because I was lucky a big star wanted me. Well, you know what really sucks about falling for a guy you know you're not right for? You fall anyway because you think he might turn out to be different.
-Another Cinderella Story<3



Live like Spongebob and Patrick, laugh out loud all day without any reason, and annoy the mean people with your happiness.


You were born an original,

Don't die A






city girls slip & slide,

  country girls grip & ride //♥//

j a y c i e c u t i e 0 1 f o r m a t

   Oh, so I'm invisible to you now?
    Cool, I've always wanted a 

Not my quote; Not my format<3
                       Never let the fear of striking out,              
     Stop you from playing the game.♥