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Im Lizzy, 15 year old sophomore, Bye ♥




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Hey guys. I know this is probably against the rules, but please please read.
I really really want to help people.  So, I figured this is a good place to start.  
I come on here everyday reading quotes and I see a lot of you guys are really... sad.
And I just want to help. Give advice just be here to talk, anything.
You might think your problems are stupid or don't mean anything, but honestly 
for everyone. So Please please please, talk to me.
Also I know Steve hates this (I am sorry, honestly)
But please fav this so I can get this to top quotes so everyone can see!
I don't care about having it top, but I just want to help.
Thank you, and if you do want to talk please comment on this. I'll try and reply right away. We can talk however you want. About anything.


I thought this was a GREAT idea. 
    Fav and ill follow you! ♥ 


I just ordered myself a Witty Profiles T-Shirt.. 
So excited ♥

Okay girls,
so I really want to get
this off my chest.
(please read) 

Okay, so it really bothers me how "guys" on here instantlly become famous 
because they are guys. (which no offense to those of you guys who may be)
are probably girls just wanting favs. Anyway, today I was on and I noticed a new
person on here who was getting alot of top quotes so I thought to go check them 
out. It turned out to be a guy who has only been on here for less than a month,
and im not trying to be mean or self-centered or whatever, but i've been on here so 
much longer and im sure there are other girls who have been too, and have only
gotten so many top quotes, even if they are really great quotes too. Also, the only
reason these "guys" are already famous is because they are guys. 
Sorry for ranting, but I
find this to be sooo true.
& thank you for those of you who 
read my quote even though im
not "famous"


When normal people flirt they stand next to eachother and talk and play with eachothers hands. 

When I flirt I stand from a distance point and say "Your face, I like that"

That   great   feeling

when you put conditioner in your hair ♥
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If it's something you'll regret
In the morning, 
sleep late. 


1. Select all the numbers.
2. Press CTRL + F
3. Press 9 :)

Having finals
That make you consider working at McDonalds. 




Hi, im _____

    And im a Temple Run addict.