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hey girl (:

I'm Mallory
I'm a junior in highschool

Talk to me i dont bite!

please never end

-I love you <3


Quotes by xolotsoflovexo

the worst thing

you can do to a girl is make her feel like she has a chance, when she doesn't.

We the jury find the defendant.

OJ Simpson: Not guilty
Casey Anthony: Not guilty
14 year old downloading last night's episode of glee: There's a special place in Hell for people like you


The Awkward Moment When...

Your at the dentist and you don't know where to look.

Why are children obese?

Maybe it's because burgers are $0.99

and salads $4.99

                                                                      True Story

That awkward
moment when
you're sore from
playing Wii.


I'm ashamed of what I've done            for a Klondike bar                




I dream of a better world

where chickens can cross

the road without having

their motives questioned



format credit goes to (dancergrl101)
too much.

you'll create a
problem that
wasn't even there
in the first place.

I   l i k e   y o u   m o r e
t h a n   p i z z a
A n d   I   r e a l l y
l i k e   p i z z a