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i may not believe in wishes
but i do wish almost every time i get the chance.
here's your chance;
by the end of the countdown
you must have made a wish.












now you must repost this in the next 7 minutes.

before your next birthday your wish will have come true.

but you only have 7 minutes you better be quick 

Say your crushes name six times. Now close your eyes and make a wish about them.Decide what's more important,love,or 10 milliondollars. Now make one last wish, the love, or the money. Repost this in 60 seconds with the subject "My Crush" and you'll
get an unexpected talk from your 
crush...DON'T screw it up
my face loooked like i won 100000.00000 bucks when my mom got me burgerking.

I still get excited for 
 Christmas !!

Fave if..

- you like to just chill with friends instead of going out.
-you want to do something amazing later on in life.
-you want to dress bummy everyday but dont.
-you crush on that boy/girl forever when they dont know us well.
-has not to may enemies but still doesnt like alot of people.
-wants to make a bucket list like the boys on buried life. (;
-wants to know what our future will be like.
-still uses the sup nod even though we dont notice.
-has those days you dont wonna talk , smile, laugh or see anyone just lay in bed but doesnt know why.
-cant help but smile when we see him/her.
-puts a smile on everyones faces even if it makes us unhappy.
-in december stays home with a close friend , makes hot chocolate and watch the christmas movies on abc family . or wants to.
-calls a friend just to say hiii (;
-draws like there 6 again.
- go's puddle jumping in the rain.
-doesnt care how hurt they get ,just get back up.
-has tried the parent trap handshake.
-has went to the mall and made a new friend (: lol .
-Go's to the store just to try on clothes and take pics.
-has or wants to go to disneyland.
-loves going to haunted manions with big groups of friends.
-allways trips or falls over nothing.
-looks at your best friends and start cracking up.
-feels special when they catch their crush looking at them.
-loves it when thier crush accidentally bumps into them or touches them.
-will do anything to find the person you love(;

There's always those friends who make you
laugh when you mad at them (;

Things girls do#1
Check the fridge every 10
minutes as if food will

 magically apear (;

Feeling safe from anything  when
you turn on your

           Lights .. (;

                     Feeling like....
             The world best singer in the shower ./<3