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hello beautiful

heres a little bit about me, my names madilyn, im 14 years old and a freshman. i live in massachusetts and its pretty boring here. i spend the majority of my time on witty. i do cheering and softball. i like writing and playing piano. if anyone ever needs to talk, comment on my profile! i love helping people no matter what its about. everyone on this site is absolutly beautiful, always remember that. and if your nice to me, ill be nice back! follow me i follow everyone back. xo <3

Quotes by xomadilynxoo

Me: I'm so tired I could collapse into bed and sleep for a year
Me: *gets into bed*
Me: How was Earth created?
Me: Who invented microwaves?
Me: How does internet even work?
Me: Im hungry.
Me: *feels bad about something i did 4 years ago*
Me: *remembers 73 unfinished tasks*
Me: Ugh.


me in school everyday

          me: i hate you all.
          me: stop screaming you saw your friend yesterday.
          me: holy f/uck walk faster.
          me: get smarter idiot.
          me: maybe if i hit my head on my desk enough times i'll die.
          me: im so hungry.

"I already ate."

Mom: Can I see your witty?
ME: WHAT WITTY ?!?! *throws laptop out window, runs to airport, moves to Mexico, changes name to Pepito*

F is for friends who don't talk to you

U is for your alone

N is for having no plans at all, all you do is sit at home
format credit to xomadilynxoo

today on facebook
I saw a picture of a girl with a rubber duck taped to 
her face with the caption "am i doing it right?

i almost died.


I wonder how many

Have a picture of themselves with me randomly in the background.


You meet someone 
You two get close
It's all great for a while.
Then someone stops trying.
You talk less.
The conversations get awkward.
You start drifting.
No communication whatsoever.
The memories all start to fade.
Then the person you know 
becomes the person you knew. 
Thats usually how it goes.
Sad isnt it?


My mom wanted to talk to me about my immaturity, but she cant. She doesnt know the password to my secret fort.


not surimy mom wantekids ...
 or just wanted free maids

I follow back ^_^