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heyy i am mayy(:

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Follow mee. I love my family and friends. I also love to play soccer and basketball. I will post quotes and I might try and do a story some timee. My bestfriend is phixoxo, I spend every second with herr.(: So go check her outt. She is amazingg. I blow out the candles August 15th. I am a twin, and I love my familyy and friendss.

Quotes by xomayox

That boss moment when you put your iPod on shuffle, and your favorite song comes on.
We all dream of going back to school, and having all the boys and girls be shocked at how tan we are, and how beautiful we look. But in reality we will return to school with bags under our eyes, and paler than ever because we spent the summer locked away from the sun, on witty.

Love. Internet. Family. Electronics.
you are a father.
Even angels have their wicked schemes and they take that to new extremes
Lifes the same story,
its just how you tell it.

Practicing what you will say

just in case you ever meet anyone famous.

Watching a scary movie,

and forgetting about it

right until you're trying to sleep.

Witty says that a good quote is something a stranger would print out and put on their walls.. I am a llittle bit scared now.
Roses are red violets are blue some
poems ryme others dont.