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Another World.

Chapter 40

Destiny's POV-
The music begins to play. "Oh my God." I whisper. Teagan and Renee hug me.
The bridesmaids all go out, then the flower girl, Teagan's 5 year old sister Bella, starts down the isle. She drops one flower petal at a time, walking slowly down. I take a deep breath and step out behind her, being greeted by "ooo's" and "ahh's." I look ahead of me, and see Harry, grinning widely at me. I give him a smile as I reach him and the priest.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." the priest starts his speech.
He says a few more words, then it's time for the vows.
"Destiny, I knew I loved you from the minute I met you, the minute I saw you. I love spending time with you, and you make my world go round. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you. But, I don't have to worry about that now, considering what we're doing now," he smiles. "We've had a few fights, and a lot of ups and downs along the way, but I know it will all be okay because I love you. I can't say that enough. You take me to Another World whenever I'm with you, and I hope you feel the same for me. Now I'm glad I'll have someone to remember to switch the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, and remember to get batteries from the store. Thank you in advance Destiny, for our many great times and I love you's, and our many to come."
I grin as a tear slips down my cheek. "I didn't know how to write this, so I decided to write it as a letter. Dear Harry, first off, I love you, so, so much. I've had a lot of trouble figuring out how someone as amazing as you could ever like, let alone love, someone as messed up as me. But now I know. We're alike in a lot of ways. 1, our toilet paper rolls are never going to be there because I'm forgetful too, and there won't be any batteries in the house," I grin. "You accept my every flaw  and you help me bring out the best in myself, and when I'm having the absolute worst day ever, you turn it all around with just a smile. I love you so much, and I'm very happy that we get to spend the rest of our lives together, forver."
"Harry Styles, do you take Destiny Johnson to be your lawfully wedded bride......."
"I do." he says and slips the beautiful ring on my finger.
"Destiny Johnson, do you take Harry Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband........"
"I do." I slide on his ring.
"I now pronouce you, husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride!"
Harry and I bring our lips together, creating the promise that will last forever.

last chapter, woot!
epilogue coming whenever the poop i feel like posting lol
omfg im so sorry i havent posted in 9 days wtf is wrong with me
school, ew. so i won't be posting my next story very frequently bc school, probably around 3 or 4 times a week? i'll post as frequent as possible bc i love you guys <333333
will you guys do me a favor? i'm writing a collab story, the account is doubleRstories i'll love you forver if you read it :D

Destiny: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57033187
Teagan(1)&Renee(2): http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57033828
(makeup is used for both)
Engagement Ring:
Longer by Dan Fogelberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhCmb1FDeF0
SPECIAL HINT FOR LAST CHAPTER!!!! "You take me to Another World every time I'm with you."
Format credit: TheMascaraSeries

Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter twenty-nine
I haven't spent time with Niall in three weeks. Three weeks! He's either working or going places with Meghan. 
"Where are you going now?" I frown when he slides his shoes on. 
"Lunch with Meghan." He mumbles and checks his phone. That's the fifth time in the last ten minutes.
I sigh. "Why are you always with her?"
"I am not." He frowns at me. 
"Yes, Niall. You're always with her!" I start yelling and shaking my head. I take his phone so he can focus on me. How does he not see this?
"I don't think I do." Niall takes the phone out of my hands and walks down the stairs. 
"So you just choose her over me?" I scream and run after him.
He shakes his head and slams the door shut.
What just happened?
What did I do?
"What was that loud noise?" Harry runs down the stairs. His curls are a mess and the only thing keeping him from being completely bare is a tiny blanket wrapped around his waist. 
"Niall." I cross my arms.
"What happened?" Louis asks.
"He's been spending a lot of time with Meghan, right?" I ask them for confirmation.
Zayn nods. "I never get to see him anymore."
"Except when we work." Liam shrugs.
"Exactly." Harry says.
"So is that a yes?" I never understand their conversations.
"Duh." Zayn says.
"Just let him cool down." Liam suggests. 
I think I'm the one that needs to cool down.
They all go back to what they were doing. Except for Louis.
"Wanna go hang out? You could use it." He grabs his keys and opens the door. Clearly he isn't taking no for an answer.
"Fine." I grab my jacket and walk out to the car. 
I watch the snowflakes slide down the car windows. It's pretty relaxing actually. But snowflakes remind me of Niall. 
"But why would he get mad?" I frown.
"Just forget it, okay?" Louis smiles and grabs my hand in a friendly way. 
"Right, okay." I smile.
"Milkshake City?" He grins.
"Of course."
He parks, but he hasn't let go of my hand yet. He swings my hand as we walk down the street. He starts singing random lines of songs and people stare at him like he's mentally ill. 
"Stop Louis!" But I'm laughing. I don't want him to stop.
He opens the door for me. "After you."
I smile and walk in. We order the same One Direction milkshake. 
"Really I cannot believe you guys have your own milkshake." I say in awe. 
"Right? I was pretty psyched myself." He grins at his success.
"Who knew you would be part of one of the biggest boybands in the world?" I smile. This milkshake is actually pretty good.
"I sure didn't. Who knew you would be dating someone that is part of one of the biggest boybands in the world? That was a mouth full." He sticks his tongue out. 
We walk out and roam the snowy streets of London. Before I know it, it's 10:00 pm. How does time go by so fast?
"That was probably the best day of my life." I smile when he starts driving. 
"Really? Let's try to top that tomorrow?" He grins.
"Of course." 
If Niall doesn't want to hang out with me, I won't hang out with Niall.
I'm torn between Team Jiall (Jane and Niall) and Team Lane (Louis and Jane) 
What about you?
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Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter thirty-one
"Jane, come on, pick up."
Jane finally picks up.
"Jane! I'm coming to hang out with you tomorrow! Tonight I-"
"You're hanging out with Meghan, aren't you?"
"Well, yes, but-"
"But nothing. Niall, I told you, we're done. As much as I hate to say it, we're done."
I feel a tear roll down my cheek.
"Jane...I really love you. I do."
"I know you do. But I think Meghan is overpowering that."
"Just show up. Don't call me." She hangs up.
I sigh.
Meghan pulls at my tie. "Ready?" she asks, looking down at me. She is taller than me by two inches.
I nod.
Meghan steps out of the car, her golden dress flowing around her. She walks forward into the restaurant.
"Reservation for Mitchelle," she says.
The man nods and leads us to a table. A woman, man, and Aaron stare back at me.
"Niall," Aaron says. "How's Jane?"
"She's fine," I answer.
"Who's Jane?" Meghan asks, grabbing my arm.
"Jane's my girl-" I pause, the truth running through my mind. "My ex."
Meghan kisses me. "It's okay, baby. Come on, sit down." We slide into the chairs.
"I'm Marina," the woman says, holding out a hand. I shake it awkwardly.
"Niall," I say.
She laughs. "I know." Marina points to the man. "This is Tom."
Tom grins at me, and I notice that with a smile like that, his last name could be Cruise.
"And Aaron."
There's a moment of silence.
"So, uh, Niall! Why don't you tell my parents and my brother about your experience as member of One Direction?" Meghan kisses my cheek.
And the night went on.
I pull off my tie and throw it on the ground.
I need to see Jane.
And I have an idea.
I turn up the sound of Adele blasting from my iPod.
Louis rubs my back. "It's okay, Jane. I know it's hard."
I sob again. "He's with Meghan. The perfect model. She's perfect. Perfect." I bite my lip. "I'm a potato."
"Yes, but Niall doesn't like models. He likes potatoes." Louis smiles.
I choke a laugh.
Something hits the window. I duck into Louis, and he holds me closer to him.
The noise hits the window again.
"Louis...can you go check that?" I get a glimpse of the window, but all I see is rain.
Louis stands and opens the window. A few drops fly in the room.
He laughs. "Jane, get over here!"
I get up and trudge to the window. I gasp.
Down at the ground stands Niall, his suit soaked. He smiles when he sees me, dropping the rocks in his hand.
"Niall?" I cry.
Well then.
Niall's come back.
MAH! I felt so happy writing this.
Jiall moments <3
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Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter twenty-six
"Can I come with?" I ask as the boys start getting ready to go shoot their music video.
"Duh." Liam smiles as he buttons his plaid shirt.
I smile and wait in the car. We quickly arrive at the set. The boys are rushed into hair and make up. I awkwardly stand by the door waiting for them to come out. 
Three models walk passed me. One gives me a dirty look and whispers in one of the other models ears. They all start laughing and walk in hair and make up. 
My self esteem just went dramatically low. How am I supposed to compete with that? 
The boys come out and do crazy poses for me.
"What do you think?" Niall does the Usain Bolt pose.
I laugh and nod. "You all look lovely." I kiss Niall's cheek and he smiles.
The models come out and start chatting with the boys. One of them, a curly haired brunette, starts flirting with Niall. My Niall. 
They get placed on set and I stand next to the director, who is really nice. They start singing and dancing and jumping around. Niall smiles at me while he sings and I start blushing. 
"And kiss her!" The director shouts at Niall, who's too close to the model for my liking.
Wait, kiss her?
Niall doesn't give it a second though. He places his lips on the model's lips. My heart just broke. 
What just happened?
Why did I want to come and watch this?
This is terrible.
He's going to end up falling in love with her.
Negative thoughts flood my brain. The room gets fuzzy and I can't think straight. The tears finally come. I grab Liam's keys and run out to the car.
I start the car and drive away. 
"Stop!" I yell.
"Cut." The director moans.
"What?" Harry asks clearly annoyed because he was in the zone.
"Jane left." I frown. The look on her face just made my heart sink.
"You can deal with that later." The director rolls his eyes. 
"No I can't." I run passed everyone and rush outside.
The car is gone.
Liam's car.
Liam runs after me. "She took my car?" He frowns.
I nod. 
"How are we going to get home?" Louis sighs.
"More important, what made Jane leave?" Zayn pops up next to me.
"I think it's because I kissed that model." I sigh. I should have talked with her about it first.
"You're screwed." Harry mumbles.
"I know." I whisper.
The director pushes us back inside. We continue filming.
The smile on my face is fake. 
;Skye xx


Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter nineteen
"I'll be right back." Darcy stands up and runs towards the car.
Niall looks at me and frowns. "Really? It was supposed to be us. Just us." 
"I'm sorry. I couldn't say no. Sorry. But this picnic is lovely. And look at the stars." I smile and lay my head on his lap. I stare at the stars and Niall concentrates on me. 
I peek up at his blue eyes, which are slightly green in the moonlight.
"Yes?" I ask, grabbing his hand.
"It's been a month. And why did you invite her, if you know she faked it?" He looks at me, concern written all over his face.
I smile back lightly. "I know. Revenge, remember? She deserves it. I mean, the plan-" I stop, my eyes widening.
"The plan. Didn't you mention that at the park a long time ago?" Niall questions.
"Um, uh, no. I didn't," I lie.
"Fine! I did!"
"Why are you trying to lie to me?"
"I'm not!"
"Please!" Niall pleads.
"Well," I say. "Darcy brought me back into the plan a while ago." I stare at the floor.
He stares at me. "You're saying Darcy got you back into taking me and my best friends down?"
"At last," I whisper.
"At last?"
"No, that's what Darcy said!"
"Yes, Niall, please! You know I'd never say that!" I grab his arm, shaking it gently.
Niall blinks, laying down, crossing his arms. "I don't think I do."
We sit in silence. I lay back eventually, turning on my side to face him. He doesn't move.
"Yes, Jane?"
"You know that."
"Actually, I-"
"You do." I grab his face in my hands, turning it to me.
Niall kisses me. "I don't," he says. "I don't know."
I groan as the doorbell rings. I open it to come to face with Aaron.
"What?" I snap.
Aaron looks surprised. "I just came to say hello."
"After you pulled a gun out? No." I start to close the door, but he smacks it with his palm, swinging it back open. He roughly kisses me.
I wipe my lips quickly, slapping him.
He smirks and lightly runs his fingertips down my arm. "Jane..."
"Aaron, just-"
He kisses me again.
He grabs my waist, shoving me into him. I note how rough his hands are.
"Would you stop?" I shout, hitting him with my forehead, as I have no other use of weaponry.
"No." Kiss.
"I hate you."
"I thought you loved me. Remember that one night, when we almost did it? Almost. Let's get there tonight." Aaron uses one hand to rub my back.
I try to free myself.
"Watch out."
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Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter twenty
Harry grabs Aaron's wrist.
"Harry?" I ask, slipping away from Aaron.
Harry slams the door. "Hi, Jane."
"What was that?"
Harry points at the door. "That? That was me saving your butt."
I smile. "Thanks."
He grabs my hands. "No need to thank me," he chirps.
"Where's Niall?" I ask, just curious.
Harry frowns. "With Darcy."
I blink.
He's with Darcy?
I call Niall, pacing the room as I wait for him to pick up. He finally does.
"Niall! Where are you?"
He laughs. "Relax. With Darcy."
"What? Why are you with her?" I tap my foot.
"Well, we made a plan. And I'm here to help." I can tell Niall is grinning, wherever he is.
I smile too. "Okay. Just tell me what happens, okay?"
Niall agrees, and we exchange little love talk and hang up.
"Harry, what is this plan?"
"Well," he says, stirring his cereal. "Darcy is going to fall in love."
I blush. "With Niall?"
"No, preferably me." Harry juts his thumb into his chest.
I laugh.
"What?" he asks, mocking hurt.
I stifle a giggle. "Darcy hates you all. You expect her to fall in love with you?"
"Trust me, Jane. You trust me, right?"
"Good. Use that now."
"Harry, shut up!'
"Louis, that's mean!"
"Come on, Jane!"
"It is!"
"Sorry, love."
"That won't fix anything."
"Neither will this!" Louis screams as he squirts me with the Nerf gun.
I squeal and run away, Louis, Harry, and Zayn chasing me down.
"Stop! No, no!"
Zayn picks me up and dangles me over the pool.
I laugh and try to get out of his grasp.
"In you go!"
"No!" My words are drowned out by the water. I come up spluttering.
"Come back here, you buttmunches!"
I crawl out of the pool and hear my phone ring as the boys run away. I pick it up.
"Jane. It's Niall."
"Oh, hey."
"The plan is in action."
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He ignored the haters.
He came back for the fans.
Welcome back to Twitter Zayn

Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter sixteen
This is my first time hanging out with Darcy since she suggested that I be in a relationship with Aaron. 
"So are you and Niall like.. together?" She takes a bite out of her pizza. 
I look around the crowded mall to make sure nobody heard that. He's still "dating" that other girl. 
"Yeah. I guess." I mumble and pick at my cheeseburger.
"Really? Did not see that coming." She laughs.
I shake my head and walk over to the trash can. I'm about to throw my cup away when I see someone looking at me. Yeah, people look at me all the tme. But this is different. It feels like someone is stalking me. Then it hits me.
I totally forgot about that whole gun thing. What can I say? Whenever I'm with Niall my mind goes blank and I forget everything. 
I quickly run over to the table and put my coat on. 
"I have to go." I mumble.
"Why?" Darcy raises an eyebrow.
I grab my bag and sigh. "Complicated."
"Well I'm the one driving you." She crosses her arms.
Face palm. "Well come on." I slide through the crowd and run to Darcy's car.
She takes her sweet time to get the car started. I turn to the back window, the guy is standing in the parking lot. I'm 90% sure that it's Aaron.
We pull up outside of Liam's house. 
"Now why did we have to leave so fast?" She frowns.
"I just remember that I, uh, have to help Harry with something." I lie.
"What happened to despising them?" She mumbles to herself.
I pretend I didn't hear anything. "So see you later." I unbuckle my seatbelt.
"Wait. Tomorrow you, me, Niall, and my new boyfriend. Ok?" She says.
"New boyfriend?" I raise an eyebrow.
"Tell you later. Bye." She smiles and drives away.
I'm supposed to be filming a One Direction documentary, well that's what Niall told them. So I decide to go ahead and start that.
"What are you doing?" I turn the camera on Harry, who is covered in paint.
"Painting the snow. Duh." Louis rolls his eyes like it's the most stupid question he ever heard.
"May I ask why?" I giggle.
"We were bored." Harry shrugs.
Liam runs outside and I turn the camera to him.
"Guys! Guys! GUYS!" He screams.
"What?" Harry frowns.
"We all got invited to this huge party tomorrow." He smiles.
"All of us?" Louis nods over to me.
Liam nods. "They said the girls can come too."
I turn the camera off and walk inside. I run up to Niall's room and open the door.
"You have to break up with her." I frown.
"I already did." He smiles and hugs me.
"And?" I raise an eyebrow.
"Management is mad. Fans are mad. But I don't care." He kisses my cheek.
I smile and put the camera on him. "Say hi."
He smiles and takes the camera and points it to me. 
"Niall." I frown and try to take it away.
"No. You're lovely." He pulls my hand off the camera and on to his chest.
He rests my hand to where his heart is. I smile and count the beats of his heart. 
"It only beats for you." He smiles.
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Everything About You
a 1D fanfic♥ chapter twelve
It's been a week since I came back to England. Niall hasn't talked to me. Darcy hasn't talked me. Liam is the only one out of the boys that still keeps contact with me. 
I flip through the television channels. Niall Horan's new girlfriend and One Direction are everywhere. Yeah, that makes it so much easier to forget.
There's a knock at the door. I wrap my blanket around me and open it. 
"What?" I frown when Darcy walks in.
"That whole thing with the guy I hired. Sorry. I thought you wanted me to." She shrugs.
I sigh. "I should have gone along with the plan anyway" 
She smiles. "You should have. It totally would have worked." 
I shrug and go sit on the couch. Darcy gasps and smiles at me. That smile she had when the plan was first introduced. 
"What?" I ask, a little nervous.
"Technically you're still dating Niall. You could still keep going with this." She tosses popcorn in the air and catches it with her mouth.
I agree. I'm not saying I'm going to do Darcy's plan. Or her way. I'm going to do my plan, my way. The plan where I get even with Niall for forgetting about me. For being with another girl.
His old girl.
I'm his girlfriend now, and I'm doing what I want. I'm standing up for myself.
But what if it is just a publicity stunt?
I sigh.
Maybe the plan would just be easier.
I wrap my jacket tighter around me as I make my way through the streets. I'm meeting up with Darcy at a nearby club.
"Jane! There you are!" She sees me and smiles.
I smile back. "So, what do we do here?"
Darcy laughs and raises an eyebrow. "Have fun! Jeez, Jane, you've got, like, zero spirit." She grabs my hand and pulls me in. I'm enveloped by people dancing and drinking.
"Now, I decided to add to the plan. So, meet Aaron." Darcy gestures to somebody. Somebody I completely recognize.
"You." I point at him. I turn to Darcy. "This is-"
Darcy laughs. "The guy that kissed you, I know. He's apart of the plan now! Isn't it great?"
No, it's not, but I just nod and smile at Aaron politely.
How am I going to do this?
Darcy forced me to go meet up with Aaron at his flat.
"Hey, Jane," he greets me as I walk through the door.
"Hey," I mutter, walking over to the table. I sit in the chair and frown.
"What's wrong, babe?" He comes up to me.
I'm about to tell him to not call me that when I realize that I could use him to show Niall. I could easily make him jealous.
An affair.
I smirk and turn to Aaron.
"Oh, nothing. Just wondering, wanna kiss?"
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