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Dear girl that got a new phone for Christmas;
You don't need to post bathroom mirror pictures on Facebook every five minutes.

sincerely, every one of your annoyed friends.


&all I want for


is you



stop wasting your wishes on a stupid boy you know you wont get... how about for once you try wishing for something useful like bringing the soldiers back safely....
i bet half of you woke up this morning and the first thing on your mind was wishing for 'him'

today is supposed to be meant for all the soldiers that have lost their lifes fighting for your safety.
so stop focusing on yourselfs and spend this day thinking about them.


& don't be alarmed
if i fall head over feet.
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Im sorry

I cant be perfect



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\\\Sometimes I just want to disappear,
To see who would care enough to notice///


\\\Being happy doesn't mean everything's {perfect}

It just means that you've decided to look beyond the {imperfections}///

I can be tough,

I can be strong

but with you.... its not like that at all



hey everyone...
can you please help me out..

I met this amazing perfect guy at the beginning of the summer.... i like him, he likes me, and we did date for like a week but i just wasn't ready to have a relationship... but now i'm ready and he still likes me...

but the only problem is he's 2 years younger than me.... and i'm just scared people will judge me if i go out with him :(

if you read this than i love you<3
i'm just so confused and dunno what to do :(



&& the girls with
The prettiest smiles...

Are usually the ones hurting
The most inside...