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Quotes by xomkxo143

i hold on to the night

when you looked me in the eyes

and told me

you loved me


not my format.

you say im not myself around other

but truth is im not myself around you


there`s so many things
that i wish you knew
but the story of us
might be ending soon


they both
ignore eachother
walk away
but deep down they both knew
it wasnt supposed to end this way

can you fix my
h e a r t
because its
d a m a g e d


here we go again...
i kinda wanna be
more than friends

not my format

i was {trying to fly}


but i {couldnt find wings}

then you came along

and you changed

e v e r y t h i n g

not my quote//format


 nevermind ill find someone like you
i wish nothing but the best
for you two

Format by kclove5layouts


The first cut is
the deepest
i know

i`d tell you
i miss you
but i don`t know how
i`ve never heard silence

quite this loud


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