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See the blood and the tears?
hey embody our fears

But we can hang on 'till the sky finally clears
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i miss those blue eyes
how you kiss me at night
i miss the way we sleep
like theres no
like the taste of your smile
i miss the way we
but i never told you what i should have said
i never told you i just held it in
and now
i miss everything about you
i cant believe that i still want you

     yeah, i look okay.

                                   That doesn`t mean I don`t need anyone to talk to.

That doesn`t mean I`m okay.

It`s all just an act.

when we touch
don`t ever let me go


 Story of my life,

searching for the right, 

but it keeps avoiding me


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im falling for you
but there`s nothing wrong with that

you the one that i dream about all day
you the one that i think about always
you the one so i make sure i behave
my love is your love, your love is my love.

you`re insecure,
don`t know what for,
you`re turning heads when you walk through the door

my point is, there are a lot of people in the world,
no one ever sees things the same way as you do,
so when you find someone who does,
you might as well hold on to them