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We're the "bad kids"...
we talk on the phone all day
we dont spend a single minute without each other,
we always manage to get into some kind of trouble
we're the ones who always seem high. even though we're not.&& we'll always be like this: best..friends..forever...

because all he would have to do is tag me and i was it <3

molly rose (:
i blow the candles out on November 23rd & ill be throwing my cap off on may 27th 2011 .

& make mistakes, learn from them and move on .

we're close to tears,
& even after all these years..
we just now got the feeling that we're meeting ,
for the
 ( f i r s t t i m e )

& even though he's done damage that can't be taken back , i would take him back in a heartbeat .

Quotes by xomollyxo23

"Without      a     Trace"

Taken away to a far away place,
worried beyond belief.
Mixed feelings of fear, faith, and hope hide underneath,
but she has never seen the mysterious face.
She trembles with fear, clenches her teeth,
has fallen silent, and has thoughts of despair.
She wonders who would do this, and who would dare.
This strange person feels no grief.

She doesn't know how long she can bare
this lonesome place.
Her hero finally appears with unbelievable haste.
She arrives home close to seven.
Being home feels like a piece of heaven.
That girl , yeah her . over there ?
The one that has slits on her wrist ?
She pretends to be perfect .
While in reality , her world is falling apart .
People ask her what's wrong?
& say what could she possibly be sad over.
She has everything she could ever want .
Her boyfriend told her to get over it.
Her cousin doesn't know about the cuts ,  & was laughing, and asked if she should go emo & cut her wrists .
Her best friend tries to comfort, and is the only person who is strong enough to bring a smile to her tired face .
She comes home every night with tears rolling down her cheeks .
No one knows what it's like to be her.
D O N T J U D G E P E O P L E < / 3
because that could be you .

I wish dreams were like wishes ,, & wishes came true ... because in my dreams
I'm always with you .. ]] </3


.." Life "..
.. isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.. it's about getting up && dancing in the rain .

--not minee ,,


yourr playingg it cool ;; i know what you do i feel like a fool but i would be feeling it anyway . cause nobody loves mee .... like you do <3

Shes soo fake .... look at her neck and it says " Made In China" : )
◄◄  ▌▌ ►►  your voice was the sound track of my summer <3
If you live to be 100 ( : I hope i live to be 100 minus one day ;; so i never have to live without youu . <3
To the world you may be one person ..... but to one person you may be the [[world]]

Dont chase them ;; Replace them . .