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I actually really like lightning. 
My dog ate my Pop Tart. I was pretty mad about it. 
I love watching Freedom Writers. 
I'm going to a Sweet Sixteen today. And I'm not gonna know anybody there because she lives two hours away. So I'm gonna spend my Friday night at a Sweet Sixteen chillin with my thirteen year old brother. Basically. 
So I had band first period today and it was the beggining of class. We were in our seats and talking to the band director. Than this one guy walks in singing Grow Old With You from the Wedding Singer and playing on his guitar (which is super cute cause he played the lead role in the Wedding Singer musical my school put on this past weekend and he sang that song in it). Than when he finished his friend brought a rose, a teddy bear, a balloon, and box of chocolates into the room, hands them to him, and takes his guitar. Than he walks over to this girl he likes with a smile and says "Happy Valentine's Day", gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and than goes and sits in his seat. 
And all the girls were either bawling their eyes out or tearing up. And every like ten seconds we were like awww. And it was the cutest thing ever. And it was perfect. And yah. Thought I'd share that cause I found it really cute. 

"I may hate you more...but I'll never love you less."
                            ~War Horse  ♥
When your cell phone is on the verge of death and you're like 
"It's okay...we'll get through this."
And than you plug it into its charger. 
That moment when you realize your gym teacher looks like Ezra from Pretty Little Liars... ♥
When you're in marching band and the season ends and you realize you have nothing to do on Friday nights anymore...
happy birthday to my dog! :D