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Audrey Elaine. 15. I blow out the candles on July 5th. music and basketball are my life. I'm a summer baby, no doubt about it. I love all of my true friends, and I'm grateful for everyone in my life. I've learned from my mistakes. I try to be as close to perfect as I can, even though I know it's not possible. I always listen to people's problems. I'm a total foodie. Bobby Flay's #1 fan, right here. I'm independent. I'm trustworthy. I love to write. I'd die without my iPod. there are so many things I hold in and just refuse to tell anyone. this is where I come to vent. most of my quotes are lyrics. I don't post quotes for favorites. I post them to get things off my chest. if you want to get to know me, I don't bite. xoxo, :*

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I'm not going to try to make this super fancy. I just need you all to be aware of the

If you've heard about them, please favorite this. If you haven't, keep reading. This sweet, flawless family's house exploded early in the morning while they were sleeping. The explosion completely leveled their house, leaving them with no home... and the loss of their 14-year-old daughter, Sarah, who was one of my friends. Another one of their children is in critical condition in an induced coma, and today is her 19th birthday. They were a family who prioritized God and did not deserve any of this. I'm not asking for donations. All I'm asking for are your prayers and support. Please favorite this, so that hopefully, we can spread awareness to all of you. I'm doing anything I can to help. If you have a Twitter, tweet #JohnsonFamily. I'm not asking for much.
Thank you to all of you. I love you all. Happy birthday, Katie.
Here's to the girls who
        don't feel like a priority to ANYONE.        
Honestly, I'm over you.
        I just wish it all worked out better than it turned out.        
There's nobody else I'd rather be with,
        I wanna wake up in your arms.        
What makes her worth it?
        Was I just not good enough for you?        
I guess everything that we had
        didn't mean a thing to you.        
He's moved on
        while I'm still grieving.
I honestly don't know
        why someone would ever fall in love with me.        

When you love someone,
you have to trust them.
-The Lying Game.


Have you ever had that feeling
that you just want to be with someone and you don't know why?
-The Lying Game.