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you only live once,  
but if you work at it right;
once is enough  

*i love you 

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the girls who have never done any thing with a boy, or have never had a boyfriend are considered 

but the girls who have are considered

you can never win

Right now
someone you haven't met is out there
what it would be like to meet someone like


awh, you like me
and her..
and her..
and her..

  I feel special


She comes off as strong
but maybe she falls asleep crying

She acts like nothings wrong
maybe she's just really good at


don't you worry your pretty little mind,
people throw rocks at things that 

shine **


.. look at her, she won't ever compare. You can say you're 'sorry'
..but i still won't care. Was she worth this mess
..was she worth this pain? you can say its her fault

but you're both to blame

Tell the devil I say "hey" when you get back to where you're from

cause everything you do and words
you say you know that it all takes my
breath away and now im left with

&+ I wonder if I
ever cross your
mind, for me it

happens all
the time

                                    &+ i could go across the world and never be satisfied
                                                             if i couldn't see
                                                    those eyes