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you only live once,  
but if you work at it right;
once is enough  

*i love you 

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i could be a thousand miles away from you
on a Caribbean vacation, drinking a smoothie, sitting in front of the ocean, and you'd still be the first thing on my mind.

Dear Bullies, 
 Do you feel accomplished when you
drive someone to the point of suicide?

Sincerely, What'sWrong With You?

my boyfriend is like my zebra
i dont have one.


This is for the girls;

Who have the tendency to stay up all night listening
to music that reminds them of their current situation.
Who hide their fears,   hurt,   pain,   and tears under
their smiles and laughs, all on a daily basis.  //////////////
 ♥♥ The girls who wear  their hearts on  their sleeve.
The girls who pray things will work out just for once.
The girls who scream and cry into their pillows, be-
cause the rest of the world   
  fails to listen.
   The girls who have it hard,but dont let anyone know
The girls who stay up all night,     thinking about that
one boy, wondering if he'll ever notice her. 
The girls who take life as it comes,     hoping it'll get 
[♥][♥][♥][♥][♥]    easier somewhere down the road.
  The   girls   who   love   with   all   their  hearts,
  but            always            get           broken.

This is for you.

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The person who really loves you isn't the person who sees you everyday,
but the one who looks for you everyday.

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His Girlfriend
Having the best time with My boyfriend!! ♥♥♥♥ 24 hours ago
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Her Best Friend
Awwwww, you two are perfect together!!!
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Him :)
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Ew. Get a life.
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I'not slurring  my  words
Mr. Of

I'm simply speaking in cursive.

99% of people hate me.

That other 1% is my mom.

I saw something that reminded me of you today.

but don't worry, I flushed it.

but don