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Quotes by xonicole9


    Rereading your old quotes
and realizing how almost
everything changed with
     you and that certain person.
            worst feeling ive felt in a while



                          to find you

I miss you alot,

but i feel stupid, because i dont even know if you

miss me back.

i miss the old
           person you were..


           so tell me,
                    do you even remember what we had? [x][x][x]  


  reading old conversations with him 

   and just not understading how
               you guys went from being perfect

           to being absolutly nothing.

  you shouldn't not like someone because 

 of what someone said about them. 

         get to know them before you judge them.

oh, or replace me,

  thats cool too.



shes new to witty<3

just have to realize   
that you aren't the 
same person anymore.

under inspirational, cause there is no "vent" ugh