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Okay so
my name is Nicole...
I love to laugh and smile:)
i blow the candles out on Feb.13!!
I am in love with zebra print
and the color purple
I like this kid and his name is 

Quotes by xoniicoleerxo

The spaces between your fingers are meant to be filled with mine<3

Love what you have while you have it because nothing lasts forever.</3
Playing the waving game and
acting like a total psycho then
realizing you know the person. :D

You never fail to make my
heart sing its favorite song<3

I kind of  think i like you
more than i wanted to
but you don't like me
So thats the problem now you see
I really wish you did
but thats just me dreaming big. </3


last night when we hung out. i might have accidentally sprayed some of your cologne on my shirt

And i might have accidentally had my nose stuck to my shirt all night!<3

I kinda think I like you, maybe a lot more than I was anticipating... :)  
If he cant accept you at your worst... then he doesn't deserve you at your best.


Life is perfect for none of us.
So rather than being judgmental and critical of each other...
Have pure love and kindness towards our fellow travelers in this journey through life.