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heey people its nikki. music and friends are basically my entire life.uhmm yess there is a boy i like. not so sure what's going on with him right now tho... hmm i love to sing dance and act. anddd uhhh yeahh . (: kaay so please comment//fave//rate my quotes && no jockingg<3 span="">
athletes and musicians<333
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Quotes by xonikkay42

If I die young
bury me in sattin
lay me down on a bed of roses
sink me in a river at dawn
& send me away with the words of a love song♥


&& Today I was joking around with my friends, laughing, smiling. and I looked over to find him staring at me with his huge brown eyes and that cute little half smile on his face. does that mean anything? I sure hope so!<3

- - - - -

People haven't always been there for me but music always has
-Taylor Swift

- - - - -



And you know what i still don't get?   
why are you trying so hard to fit in

When you were born to stand out? 

- oliver james
what a girl wants♥


 All I really wanna do is love you
kind much closer than friends use
but i still can't say it after all we've been through

&&* After all this time
~all the tears
~all the wasted 11:11 wishes
~all the times I stayed up all night thinking about you
~all the mornings I woke up 3 hours early so I could look good to impress you
~I can finally say
&& Honestly. this is the happiest Iv'e been in months(:


I was so stupid
to give you all my attention
cause the way you played me
your true intention

Tall dark and beautiful
he's complicated
he's irrational
but i hope some day he'll
take me away and
save the day

 && i really wanted him  to ask me out today
..he didnt
and im not that upset

but the thing that bothers me the most
everytime i looked over at him
he would be looking back at me

but he never.said.a.word. </3