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I love photography Pictures, Images and Photosi love to cheer Pictures, Images and Photospink lips Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello Gorgeous.
My friends call me Sam.
I'm 15 & I blow out my candles on June 24th.
I heart cheerleading. Yeah, it's a sport.
i'm addicted to photography.
I love makeup & hair
i love all my friends; i'm so grateful for them.
{[ xocolleen7xo ]} this girl is my liiiife.
i want everyone to know that they are ah-mazing.
You are beautiful. don't let people tell you different.
Follow your <3.
Go for it.
>>Live life to the fullest<<
I Believe in miracles.
Shoutout to Steve for Witty ;*
Luhve you all so much

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if you want one of these name pictures made just comment on my prof ! ;)

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Hakuna Matata
                                       "no worries" 



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Super White Girl Problems #1099
When you're getting
a facial, and the lady tries
to talk to you, but you
have nothing to talk about.



From the moment i met you,
everything changed. ♥


I love when people come on Witty to complain about Witty. c:


One Direction will be on Just Dance 4
Time to get my Danielle Peazer on.

Wanna know what it's like to be perfect?

Me: I'm gonna work hard and study this year. Get my grades. Spend less time on the internet.
Mom: Great, honey! I'm so proud of you.
Computer: Lawl, noes
Thing wittians hate #1
when people ask,
"What's witty?"


shall i do a series?

Anyone Remember? 3

Silly bands were the coolest thing ever.