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Samantha Jo Giordano's you ;D

yeah, i'm [single]
i have a best friennd -sara*
im the nicest person ever so talk to me
my birthday is [july 23]
i loove the color -pink*
im a cheerleader
im [15] years old
i love all of my friends with alll of my -♥*
if you wanna know more just comment and i will reply :D


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Quotes by xosamixo2

sh*t that blows #8
when you pad sticks to your butt

sh*t that blows #7
oblivious boys

sh*t that blows #6
when your eye wont stop twitching

sh*t that blows #4
parents who buy their daughters everything

sh*t that blows #3
getting gas

sh*t that blows #2
when the person in the right lane isn't turning right

sh*t that blows #1
texting someone when your half asleep and it making no sence

i wanna be one of those girls
on Witty that everytime they make a quote

it's a top quote.

& I think what we have is super cool
the way he's always in my haed
like a blue tooth

I got a text from him,

he said come t h r o u g h;
he told me that he wanna kick it
(kung fu.)
don't do nothing much at all;
just me and his boys watchin football
[he asked 4 a kiss so i gave him 2]
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