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Quotes by xosarahkate95

     Shut up and just kiss me already<3333

ya. i wish
  -------------> Just to let you know
im sorry, for all the unanswered txt 
                                             messages and phine calls. I was stupid and
                                                         so were you. so now were even, and
                                    we can love again, and be more than friends

 At last i can say i love you<----------

all mine
credit to me
Me and my friends are so kool,
Ice cubes are jealous

sorry if its on here
but i thought it was cute!!
im pretty
your ugly

Have a nice day :)
you cry 
       i cry.

                 you laugh
                            i laugh
                                          you jump off a cliff 
                                                   i laugh even harder!!! :D


Whenever i feel BLUE
I start breathing again

thought it was funny

i hate everything about you.
why do i love you????

Am I the only one who yells at the hair --> brush<-- when it pulls your hair, and screams at the -->hair<-- straitner when it burns you???

like seriously??
I used to hate going to weddings
cause all the old gramma's always poked me
and say your next sweetheart.
They stopped when i started doing that to them at


credit for edit
fade is mine!!

                B EST F RIENDS F OREVER!!

Credit to me!!!<3