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Helloo my namess Sara!

Im 14 years oldd and

i love horses.witty.texting.music.myfriends.taylorswift.andalotmore.

Favoritee Lines:

i love you like a love song baby<3
i wont let youu close enough to hurt me<3
My hearts a stereo it beats for you so listen close<3
You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me<3
Your the one that i think about all day<3




Quotes by xosarar14xo

The Story of us looks alot like a tragedy now.

Behind every " I'm kidding" is a little truth.
Behind every " I dont care" is a little hope
Behind every " You'll be okay" is a little second-guessing
Behind every "Im telling the truth" is a little lie
Behind every "I dont know" is a little knowledge
Behind every " I trust you" is a little despair 

She took him faster than you could say, REVENGE 

your so fake my barbies seem real. 

making rumors about people
that obviously aren't true
isn't the way to fix situations.


I seem to always be the onee falling so hard for a guy,
then i find ouut it was all a play. 

doesnt cuut it anymore
No one will ever know

How much it hurrts</3

Hey, i just met you
And this is crazy..but heres my number
So Call me Maybe

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