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  "Currently I am a student at Plymouth State University, which is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I am a Sophomore who is studying developmental psychology. On November 21st, 2016 I woke up to a phone call that changed my life forever. My mom was gone. There are no words to explain losing someone who was closest to you. Someone who had been there to guide you in the right direction your whole life. My mom was my role model and always will be. My mom was also the sole provider of all of my college funds. Now that she's gone, my family and I are under a lot of emotional stress but now financial stress as well. My step dad is doing his best to care for my older brother, my younger sister, and myself. But it will be hard trying to continue with my schooling due to the expensive costs. I am already almost half way done with my college career. I have only two years left. Any type of donation could help relieve me a little bit from this financial burden. I would love to continue going to school and anything can help. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of the love and support I have received from many family and friends. Please keep my mom in your hearts and in your prayers."

Any type of support you could provide could be beneficial!
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please please please watch!
Witty girls please help me get this views!
thannnk youuu xo

labels are for containers
not people ----------------------------------------------------
they say we're  
too young  for love
but maybe
they're just too old 
to remember

hakuna matata>yolo 
i can't emphasize this enough..



Best Friend

Even you left in the end.

I think.. 
"will you be my girlfriend?
is a lot cuter than
"will you go out with me?"

all girls; i'd rather be called beautiful instead of hot
me; i'll take what i can get