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heyy i'm taylor :)
i'm 16
soccer and track are my life
i love country music
i'm not always perfect but i try my best


"there's gonna be some ups and downs but with you to wrap my arms around i'm fine"

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Quotes by xosoccer20xo

hahaha that's so funny!

you asked me out but facebook says

you're in a relationship

with her

i just don't know what to do anymore
 without you
  valentine’s day
i found a rose taped to my locker saying 'turn around' so i did and i found him standing there and he said "happy valentine's day" and before i could answer he pulled me into a hug and then leaned down to kiss me. then he told me to close my eyes, and when i opened them there was a necklace with a small silver heart around my neck and he said "i love you, will you go out with me?"
 and then I woke up
  there are things in life that

i regret

and even more that haven’t

happened yet
                              he said to me...
                          You’re perfect and

                    I’ll never change my mind.
          There really is no other way to say this
                              BELIEVE ME.
                         I love you like crazy.
                      You will never lose me.
                  I’ll be there for you forever.
                        Even if we broke up
                      I’d still care about you
                      As much as I do today
                             BELIEVE ME.
              I love you so much you wouldn’t
                             BELIEVE IT.
                     ...should I believe him?

my grandpa was playing with my phone the other day and it vibrated and he goes

 oh my God it's alive! 

 last day before vacation
and there's that one teacher who still makes you do work

it'll all work out in the end
if it hasn't worked out

then it's not the end


not mine credit to whoever

it wasn't long enough
but it was long enough to last

she puts on a


to hide the fact that she


herself to sleep