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You don't know other peoples lives. Lets stop the hate and criticism and bad judgments. Lets see how long you can go without hurting someone else. You don't know if YOU caused someone's depression, self harm, hatred for themselves.
For all you know you could be leading them to think of suicide

When she comes home;
Her make-up is washed off;
Her jeans are traded for pj bottoms, and her uggs are traded for fluffy socks.
Her hair is scraped back into a messy pony tail.
She inserts a movie into her DVD player;
Even though her vision is blurred from her tears.
She wraps herself into her old quilt,
and cuddles her worn teddy bear close to her chest;
As a small pile of crumpled tissues form beside her.
She'll reach for her ipod, and put on a song by Taylor Swift,
and she'll slowly cry herself to sleep. 

girls, you need to also give some guys a break. they could love you too, but most guys, including me, have trouble sharing their feelings. so chill and let them show you what they can do in a matter of time.



"Take a left up here."
"That's a tree!"
"Now make a right."
"Dude! We're on a bridge!"


I'm really fat. Yeah. Fat. Not overweight. Fat is what it's really called. I look like a freaking whale. I need to lose at least 70 pounds to be healthy, and i'll probably never be thin enough to be considered "Pretty". I've been trying to lose some. It's not working.
But I'm not going to give up.
For every fave this gets, I'll work out for an hour.
Witty is my motivation.
I love you guys.




      Sexy anI know it,

but too lazy to show it ✌         


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Mom: We're going on vacation!
Me: Will there be internet there?

True Yolo.

French Boy: Bonjour belle, je t'aime
British Boy: You look gorgeous today love.
Australlian Boy: I was going to go surfing with my mates but then i laid my eyes on you. 
Italian Boy: Ciao Belle, te amo.
Latin Guys: Hola bonita que aqui hay una rosa. 
American Boy: Yo shawty you look smokin' today, get on yo knees and suck it.

Me: Happy Fathers Day!!
Guy Friend: But i'm not a father.
Me: Haha about that...surprise!

Fav. if you get it(: Happy Fathers Day♥


2 hours later. "Hey"

 No, it's too late,

I don't want to talk to you.