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Quotes by xosurferchickxo

Are y0ur legs tiired because u have been runniin iin my miind all day_xOx

There [must] be s0methiing wr0ng wiith my eyes, ii can`t take them 0ff y0u*

d0 y0u beliieve iin l0ve at fiirst siight, or sh0uld ii walk by agaiin
Can ii b0rr0w a quarter
[ What f0r ]
ii want t0 call my m0m and tell her ii just met the b0y 0f my dreams..
Ya kn0w, y0u l00k relle hawt, y0u must be real reas0n f0r gl0bal warmiin`
y0u're s0 sweet ii`m gettiin` a t00thache just l00kiin` at y0u!
iif ii c0uld rearrange the alphabet, ii`d put u and ii t0gether*
ii think y0u`ve g0t s0methiing iin y0ur eye .. 0h never miind, iits just a [sparkle]
Y0u kn0w y0u`re iin l0ve when liife iis better than s0me dream *
ii never knew that y0u ever saw me
ii never [dreamed] that we c0uld be
ii never th0ught about thiis day
And n0w, ii don`t kn0w what t0 say
ii didn`t thiink y0u knew ii exiisted
by the way, h0w d0 y0u kn0w n0w
But bef0re, y0u miissed iit?
*The st0len kiisses are [alwayz] the sweetest
L0ve iis a w0nderful thiing
y0u never have t0 take iit away
fr0m 0ne pers0n t0 giive iit t0 an0ther
there`s alwayz m0re than en0ugh t0 g0 ar0und
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