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blOnDe suRfeR chiCk FlORidIan GurLIe! --> Yeah!

Quotes by xosurferchickxo

iif y0u l00k iinsiide a giirl's heart*
y0u`d see h0w much she relle criiez
y0u`ll fiind secrets hiidden
best friiends, and liies
but what y0u`ll see the m0st
iis how hard iit iis t0 stay [str0ng]
when n0thing`s riight
and -everythiing- iis wr0ng
great moments * funny times * silly pictures * all that rhymes * your always there * u always care * thanks for everything <33
i'm not asking for forever - xox- im just asking for a chance
the truth is that i've never fallen so hard <3
i wanna hate him so much * but i'd take that back in a heartbeat
* ii will never stop loving him unless my heart stops beating
if ii had a snowflake for (every) time ii thought about you, we'd -never- have school *
*Blondes* have more funn !
ii wish ii could be with you for everyday of my life*
Seeing your face makes me * s m i l e
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