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goodbye witty


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One does not simply 

drive home from McDonald's without eating any fries.

Did I invite you to my BBQ?
Then why you all up in my grill?



MUST bskinny fosummer

MUST be skinnfosummer

MUST bskinny fosummer

MUST be skinnfosummer

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I Wish My Parents Could Understand

When I Hang Out With A Boy It Doesn't Mean He's My Boyfriend.
School Is Hard And I'm Trying My Best.
I'm A Teenager, I Don't Always Have The Best Attitude.
I Try To Make The Best Decisions For Myself.
I'm Young And I Want To Have Fun.
If I'm Out All NightIt Doesn't Mean I'm Drinking Or Doing Drugs.
Not All My Friends Can Be A Bad Influence.
I Feel UselessWhenever THey Compare Me To Other People.


I hate it when ,
 I'm walking around my house in socks
& I step in something
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3 words, 8 letters,
easy to say,
hard to prove,
'I'm a zebra.'


That awkward moment
When you're the first one at the lunch table and you look like a loner♥


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Who else got that
frightening message from Steve about swearing.♥


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