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There is this kid at my school name Luigi.
I jokingly asked him one day if his brothers name is Mario.
His response
"Yes and my dogs name is Yoshi."
Best. Parents. Ever.

Dear Period
Thank you for reminding me, for the 9th time this year that i am not pregnant.Thank you for vomiting out blood whenever you like and punching me in the stomach for your wrong doings.Its an absolute pleasure having you once a month, if you can see my sarcasm.I really and truly hate you.

Love your unfortunate victim,




I don't give away food.

Plot Twist:  Being the pretty friend .





Girl: May I please use the restroom?

Teacher: Can you wait? This period is almost over.

Girl: Not for me it isn't.


^I saw this in a movie today, and I laughed so hard I cried.


Jenna Marbles #8
"Don't move and they won't see the cheeseburger... heh heh. Worked."
follow for a follow

Those super cute hairstyles you get When you wake up


wait... hold on... so your saying...

People actually go out and do things with their lives?

And not just sit on their laptops all day?

No, no, you're not serious.


If you were a cookie, you'd be a


- - - -



      Heres to the code names

we made up for guys we liked

so no one knew what we

were talking about.

Fav if you do this with your friends(:


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