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Dear CleaningProducts,
Whenever my dog comes inside all muddy and splatters mud all over, causing me to throw my red juice in the air, my brother to spill his orange juice and my dad to make the toaster explode my mom does not smile, clean the mess with your product then bake me cookies.  


Currently cleaning the mess with my dog, brother and dad.



Me: Do you know why firetrucks are red?

Stranger: No

Me: Well, Firetrucks have 4 wheels and 8 people.

Me: 4+8=12

Me: A ruler has 12 inches.

Me: Queen Elizabeth is was a ruler.

Me: There was a ship called Queen Elizabeth

Me: It sailed the seas and seas have fish.

Me: Fish have fins.

Me: People from Finland are called fins.

Me: Finland and Russians were in a war a long time ago.

Me: Russions are sometimes called red,

Me: And firetrucks are always russian around.


 remember    Lola    Martinez,    not    Tori    Vega.
remember    That's    so    Raven,    not    A.N.T.    farm.
remember    Phil  ,  before    he    went    back    to    the    future.
remember    Megan    Parker,    not    Carly    Shay.
remember     Zack    &    Cody,    before    they    lived    on    a     boat.
remember    when    T.V.    was    good.

Commercial: *Fit girls running everywhere*

Me: Yeah, right..that's exactly what I want to do when I have cramps.

Commercial: My period and I are best friends.

Me: Bull crap..being friends with my period is like being friends with the Grim Reaper.

Commercial: I just want to hold really soft things.

Me: Pfftt...No I want to curl up in a ball or eat all Chocolate in sight.

Commercial: It makes me feel really pure.

Me: It makes me feel like a B/tch.

Commercial: I like to move in slow motion.

Me: I like to yell really loud at everyone around me.

Commercial: I do all of this in white.

Me: I wear baggy clothes and mainly black.

Commercial: And on the third day I want to dance.

Me: On the third day Im bloated and just want to stay out of the public eye.

Commercial: *Shows blue liquid on pad*

Me: What the heck is wrong with me? Is that what's supposed to happen? Mom something's wrong with me!




Me: What a joke.. Must be some Super Human thing..

Ridiculous Tampon Ads...

I have this arguement with myself everytime I watch these commercials.

Remembering a really embarrasing moment that happened ages ago

And feeling so stupid & embarrased  all over again. 



Someone asked me what my favorite letter was.

Of course its elemeno . ;)


Parent: "We need to talk... "
Me: *Million things run through mind*
Was it when I...
No, they couldn't have...
Who told?! Was it...Im dead for sure*
Parent: "Stop leaving the lights on." 
Me: -_-


   Today i decided the prank call Dominos Pizza
                                        Me:Is this the Krusty Krab?
                                       Cashier: No this is Patrick!
              My Life= made<3
    nmq                                      freakquotes.com

I hate going to school because

I always see people from school there.

directioner problems

*writes down the boy's names*
me: Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis...
me: Omg Liam I'm so sorry. You'll be first next time, I promise.
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