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sometimes i want to give up. you keep me going.

Quotes by xoxJackieexox

Today i told you about my dad, and you let me cry in your arms.
that's everything i've ever wanted..
correction, yo
u are everything i've ever wanted.
i took you forgranted
if you knew what i did
you`d leave me in a heartbeat
and i cant tell anyone
i swear im going to explode
and i dont know what to do
i cant trust my friends
i just need someone
i really just cant take.. living this life anymore.
you keep me going though.
so thank you, for keeping me together
when my whole worlds in pieces.

i still remember the first time you kissed me,
it was only on the cheek,
but it was one of the best momments of my life.

I waited 7 months to be able to call him mine,
i had to listen to him complain about his girlfriend
i had to pretend i didn`t love him
i had to make myself not text him
i got my heart broken so many times and he didn`t know
i got stuck in the friend zone,
7 crazy months..

He was deffinately worth the wait

Well, then go stand in the corner.
What? Why?
The corner's 90 degrees.

nmq ; tublr.*

Realizing today won`t happen again for another 4 years,
and wanting something amazing to happen.
just me?

the good are never easy
the easy are never good
and love,
it never happens like you think it
really should

I really thought we could make this work..
 I was wrong.