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Why would you take a gander in that direction:D
I love gabby so very much. she is the bestest ever! <3

Quotes by xoxbaileyannxox


Sitting in my room doing my science project
 Brother: Walks in*hey can I use your computer for homework.
Me: sure Just stay in here in case I need it.
Brother: Okay *sits on my bed*
ten minutes later
Me: Hey can you check my phone to see if I got a text
Brother: Yupp you did
Me: from who? whats it say?
Brother: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *falls off my bed laughing*
Me: What? did you read it? was it funny? who's it from?
Brother: You didn't really get a text
Me: then what was so funny?
Brother:I told you you had a text and that never happens so it was funny LOLOLOL
Stray cat outside:
Entire world
Brother: :( fine I'll be nice and stay.
10 min. later
Me: Okay, I'm gonna start ripping duck tape so its gonna get noisy and weird in here
Brother: LOLOLOLOLOL your room will never be noisy and weird.
Me: Get out, YOU CANT SIT WITH ME! seriously this time.
Brother: But this is the only place I can work right now.
Brohter: fine you can walk home b**ch

and that is why I love him
Having a pretty bad day, then finding out that most of your "friends" actually secretly talk behind your back and hate you, is probably the greatest feeling in the world. Said no one....---EVER
All Those Fairy Tales Are full Of It.
One More Stupid Love Song I'll Be Sick.
look for the girl with a broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while, and she will be loved, and she will be loved. <3

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.

I'm on a mission;
getting over you

might as well sign up for a new mission impossible....

Don't  tell  me  you lo ve  me  unless  you mean  it. . .
 cuz i might do something crazy like hmmm believe it.  
Smile all the time, keep smiling.......

           It makes people wonder what your up to :)
Nothing can cure my headache 'cause I'm experiencing what they call heartbreak
Have you ever had someone your in love with tell you they looooooove you? And you start to believe it because they tell everyone esle they love you too? Then your heart is in their hands and you would do anything to be with them. 
And what do they do?
kiss your bestfriend... </3