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xox BALLiN xox ♥ im the bitch... ♥ im kaylie ♥ i dont take shit from no one ♥ im nice unless you piss me off... ♥ im 18 ♥ i graduated last year... ♥ i have 10 peircings... 3 on my right ear...4 on my left....a tongue ring...bellybutton ring...and a nose ring! ♥ im loveable!! ♥ im a teddybear once you get to know me... ♥ ive been in fist fights before... ♥ im not afraid of what you might think.... ♥ im not a prep and im not a lil wannabe i am simply ME.. ♥ i have 2 dogs and their both miniature schnowsers... ♥ i hate when people apply to much makeup... its sickining... ♥ i have blonde hair and hazel eyes... ♥ HE`S BAKK IN MUH ARMS ONCE AGAIN!! me & jakeeepoo....{(****4-1-07****)} ♥ want more then ask! xox BALLiN xox

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