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Quotes by xoxbsxox98

Chapter 47: Niall's POV: what are we going to do? Words cant describe how happy i was when Alyssa walked through the front door. The bad part was that she was crying and Becca didn't walk through with her. Alyssa said Nick told her to tell us that if we tried to get Becca then he'd kill her. When she said this harry flinched and stumbled away. He'd been a wreck lately and thats an understatement. He would go out and come home with a bottle of tequila and would lock himself in his and Becca's room and drink till he passed out. Everyday was the same routine and no one could help him no matter what we tried. The only reason he had come out of his room that early was because he heard the door open and heard crying but he thought it was Alyssa AND Becca. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Becca's POV: "Babe. Come here. I've got something to tell you." I heard Nick call. I quickened my pace to the living room because he would punish me if i took too long. "Yes baby? Whats going on?" I asked sweetly. "Well, we've been invited to a party! An old friend of mine called and said he wanted to see my hot girlfriend so he threw us a party and were going." "But baby i don't have anything nice to wear." I said hoping i sounded disappointed when really i was relieved. "Its okay. Im going to take you shopping to get you a pretty little dress for you. Mmm just the thought of seeing you in a dress that hugs every one of your curves. It drives me crazy." His eyes darkened and he growled lowly. Whenever this happened with Harry it was a turn on but with Nick it was just scary. He gripped my arm and dragged me to the couch. **Journal Entry** He bought me a dress i wasn't comfortable with at all. It was too small and it stuck to me like glue. The party is tonight and i do not want to go. If anyone is like Nick then I'm scared of him. Now theres going to be 2 of them and who knows what they'll do. **Journal Entry** That was painful. I didn't know someone could be so rough. I just cant wait till i can go home and be with my friends. I miss them so much it hurts. When I'm not so sore I'm leaving. I cant wait any longer. Im coming baby. "Hey baby can i go outside and read for a little while? Its been a long time since I've relaxed and read a good book." I batted my eyelashes and jutted out my lower lip to do the puppy dog look. "Of course babe. Love you." In that moment i saw the old Nick that i used to like. "Thank you. Love you too." I smiled normally for the first time since i got here and kissed him softly on the cheek. I walked out the back and laid on the ground and picked up my book to look like i was read when in reality i was scoping the yard to find the best way to get out without him noticing. I would run back to my old house which was only 10 minutes by walking so 5 by running. If i do this right he wont even notice I'm gone. I looked back and noticed that the bathroom door was closed and i listened to see if the shower was going. It was. Its time to make a move. I walked to the front yard as quiet as possible and ran. Not even caring if he saw me out the window. My years of softball helped with running fast. I got to my house and breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that no one was home. Even though it scares me to be home alone when he's just a couple blocks down, i didn't want my parents to know whats been going on. I got in the house and called the first person i could think of. "Harry i need you to come get me. Nick was in the shower and i got away. Im at my parents house but he probably knows i would've gone here so i need to leave. Im going to run to the airport and i need you to get me a flight right now. Don't ask questions just do it. I love you." I hung up before he could respond and i knew he would do what i said. You may havta run a lot for softball but not this much. I got to the airport and told them my name and that i had ordered my ticket online. They checked and let me through. I breathed a sigh of relief when i sat down. Knowing that Nick couldn't get me now. Harry's POV: "Harry i need you to come get me. Nick was in the shower and i got away. Im at my parents house but he probably knows i would've gone here so i need to leave. Im going to run to the airport and i need you to get me a flight right now. Don't ask questions just do it. I love you." A voice said through the phone right when i answered. I didn't even think about what i was doing. I ordered a ticket online and called the airport to tell them that Becca needed to get on the plane as soon as she got there and to not let a guy named Nick Peters on the plane no matter what he says. Everything was happening so fast. Becca got away, she called me, and now shes on her way home! "Guys! Becca's coming home! She escaped Nick and shes on a plane back home!" my eyes started to water at the thought of her coming home. they all cheered and patted me on the back before leaving me alone to think and prepare myself for when she gets back. Time flew and i left for the airport. I waited by the terminal that she would be getting off of and soon her plane landed. People started to flood out of the gate and i saw blonde hair with red tips in a messy bun. She turned around and sad green eyes met mine before Becca broke out in a run towards me. We met each other half way in a bone crushing hug, where both of our shirts were stained with tears. We didn't even care about all the people screaming for and staring at us. we were back together. "never let me go." i heard Becca whisper. "love, you're stuck with me, whether you like it or not, your are." "trust me, i like it" she squeezed me harder and pulled away so we could go home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ive probably lost a lot of fans cause the story is kinda changing and i havent posted in a long time so sorry bout that but i actually like the story now... i think it was a little cheesy before and kinda needed something "real" to make it more interesting.... thats just my opinion....
Chapter 46:
"Nick. It's Becca. I miss you and I want you back. I'm done with Harry.I was stupid to ever leave you. I'm sorry. I'm in America and I want to see you again. Please call me back.I'll be at the Courtyard Mariot in Massachusetts by where we used to live. I love you." I choked back tears and the bile that rose in my mouth as I left the message.
I just want to go home. Why does he have to be such a d**k? Theres nothing amazing about me. Why is he so attatched? Im not anything special. Just a plain girl thats basically being blackmailed by her ex to get her best friend back. Great. F**king great.
I layed down on my bed and cried. And cried. And cried some more. "F**k what am I getting myself into?" I screamed into my pillow.
I woke up and took a long shower to calm myself and get ready for today. Nick called me back last night and said he wanted to see me and that he missed and loved me too. Needless to say I was going to meet him at his house at 10:00.
I looked at the clock. 9:45. "S**t" I muttered and left the hotel.
Even though he only lives down the block I left early so I could go over my lines and prepare myself for what was about to happen.
I got to his house with 5 minutes to spare. My plan was to get there early and try to get him to hate me by acting more clingy than he was. Damn this'll be hard.
I knocked and he opened the door immediately. Well... he's gotten hotter. And creepier. Was all I could think when I saw him smile. For a second I saw a flash of the old Nick. The one that was always nice to me and was really sweet. Then I saw his greedy side come out and I mentally flinched when he grapped my hand. But on the outside I looked like I was basically swooning over the touch. Man I should be a f**king actress.
"Baby. Mmm I have missed you so much." He looked me up and down and I blushed. Not purposefully.
When he started to change I would notice the hungry look in his eye that showed he only wanted me because he thought it would be easy to get in my pants. And at the time I was the chubby person who was elated to get any kind of attention from a guy and he took advantage of me beyond belief.
No-one knew about that. All Harry knew was that I broke my hymen between gymnastics and softball. What he didnt know was that Nick took it. I didn't want anyone to know because I was embarressed and scared of what people would think.
"I've missed you too babe." I batted my eyelashes and tried to remember anything that was good about him to make this whole flirting situation easier.
He dragged me into his house and pushed me against the wall.
Please make it stop.
Pretend its Harry, Becca. You need to convince him that you love him and get him to trust you.

I moaned and he smirked, walking us back to his room.
**3 months later (journal entries)**
I cry everynight after he falls asleep. He is the heaviest sleeper I knew other than Niall and he wouldnt wake up if he heard me.
This whole time I've been in pain. He isn't sweet or gentil about it like Harry used to be. He always hits me when I talk back. After a week of staying with him he decided that I was being good and he sent Alyssa back and told her to tell the boys that if they ever tried to come after me then he'd kill me.
I haven't left the house since. I'm too afraid to try. I know he'd catch me and he'd hurt me again.
I once tried to sit on the porch and he saw me open the door and I'll just say that I've never tried to even go near the door since.
I try to act like a good little girl and I am 99% of the time. But sometimes I slip and he lashes out.
I miss my family so much. I miss Harry. I miss the boys. I miss Alyssa.
I know I'll probably never see them again. And it tears me apart everyday.

**2 months later (journal entry)**
Today he finally let me outside. I didn't try anything though. I'll wait till he completely trusts me before I try. I'm getting close. I'm coming Harry.
**2 weeks later (journal entry)**
Today he said he trusted me to go outside and lay in the yard without him being there. I'm not going to ruin this plan. I'll be good today too. But trust me. I'm not staying any longer than I have to.
Heey guys I know it's been a while but I've been busy and some stuff has gone down but I'm going to try to finish the story soon:) sorry about the swears and sad stuff but its gonna start to show up a little bit more... ENJOY!:)
Get it through your CPU, I'm not gonna

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The Adventures of Rebecca Squirrel
"Rebecca's First Adventure"

Written By:
Maureen D. Simpson

With so many beautiful sites to see,
Traveling seemed to be limited to trees.

Rebecca climbed to the tallest in the yard,
And saw a view that should have been a postcard.

Wanting so much to have more than a peek,
She decided she would play hide and seek.

She would sneak out of her nest while her mother was asleep,
Hoping that she would not make a peep.

Time would pass before mother squirrel would know to look,
By then Rebecca could be past the forest and the brook.

Night time fell and out she crept,
Slowly and quietly as her mother slept.

At the bottom of the tree she hid a sack,
Full of nuts and berries she had gathered to pack.

It was time to go, she was on her way.
Off on an adventure, shere shed travel to, she could not say.

Rebecca made her way down the road and reached the forests edge,
She took a giant step forward and slipped down a small ledge.

She took off the dirt and stod with a pose,
She heard amazing noises and smells that tickled her nose.

She past bushes, rocks, trees, and flowers.
It felt as though she had been there for hours.

As she neared the brook's edge, she came to a log,
She heard "ribbit" and new it must have been a frog.

The frog said, "Hello, whats your name? My name is Jilly".
The squirrel said, "My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca Boo".
The frog said, "Thats just silly!"

Rebecca and Jilly would have talked until dawn,
When all of a sudden, she heard her mother yelling.
"Oh no," She said to Jilly. "My mother knows I am gone!"

She said "goodbye" to Jilly and said that shed see her soon.
Maybe she could go on an adventure with her the next time she sees the big, bright moon.

Mother Squirrel threw out her arms and drew Rebecca near.
Mother said, "I was out of my mind with worry! I was scared and sad my dear!"

Rebecca told of her adventure as they headed back to their nest.
"Im awfully sleepy," Rebecca said, "I think i need some rest".

Mother Squirrel said as she tucked Rebecca in tight,
"The next time you want to go on an adventure, please go there in your dreams. I love you, goodnight!"

ok i know this is weird but my mom wrote this for me when i was younger and i just found it and thought it was the cutest thing<33
Chapter 45:
*2 hours later at alyssa's house*
   Harry's POV:    

"Becca. please don’t do this. I’m begging you. Please! Please I can’t lose you." I whispered.
She stopped packing and lowered her head.
With a soft voice she said her voice wavering a little bit,
"I- I have to Harry. It’s the only way to get Alyssa back."
She said, a tiny bit of desperation entering her voice.
No! Becca cant leave. I love her too much. There has to be another way!
"No its not! We can track her phone. We’ll get her back. We’ll call the police again and tell them everything.
We’ll get a plane to America and get her.
You- you just cant go. I can’t lose you. I’ll end up like Niall. I just-"
I rambled on until Becca’s voice stopped me.
"Stop!" She shot off the couch.
"This is the only way Harry! No matter what we do, Nick won’t give Alyssa back unless he has me!
We’ll just put Alyssa and ourselves into MORE danger if we attempt to rescue her!"
She had tears brimming out of her eyes now.
Getting up and walking towards her,
I grabbed her hands lightly with one of mine and used my other to wipe a tear that slipped out of her eye.
"Becca look at me." She didn’t, so i tilted her head up and kissed her.
If this was the last time I’d see her before she left to save Alyssa, I would make this the one she’d remember forever.
"I love you Becca. I love you so much. just remember that."
I pushed back a strand of hair and touched her forehead with mine.
"I love you too Harry. This HAS to be done. I will come back. I promise you that."
"Pinkie swear?" I said holding out my pinkie.
Becca hooked hers with mine and kissed me. "Pinkie swear."
She took a deep breathe and straightened herself.
"Now, help me pack before I start crying again."
Becca laughed sadly and started to pack again.
I wiped my eyes, flipped my hair to the side and picked up one of the shirts off the bed.
I laughed when i saw the front of it. "Hmmm. I really did love this shirt.
" She looked up confused, but then blushed when she saw i was holding up my ramones shirt she borrowed when she and alyssa slept over after movie night and needed a shirt to sleep in.
"You can have that back. I forgot I had it and I guess I put it in the pile by accident. Sorry."
Becca looked down. "Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll let you keep it... If you let me keep one of yours.
" Her eyebrows shot up. "Why do you want my shirt?
I’m sorry but even if you’d fit, you wouldn’t be able to pull off the look... Let’s face it, you need a chest."
She tried to keep a straight face but broke out laughing after only a second.
"Your such a freak Becca! Noo i want it for the same reason you do."
Becca calmed down and glared at me.
"I’m a freak? I’m not even gonna touch on that topic but fine. Here ya go!"
She said handing me her old softball shirt, the one she wears to bed every night.
I took it and handed her my shirt.
."Can I have that one instead? Ihis one doesnt smell like you anymore"
She pouted, looking at the shirt I was wearing.
"Oh, really? You know I’m kind of wearing this one. I’ll have to take it off to give it to you."
She smirked. "Oh I know! Come on! I gave you my shirt now you gotta give me yours!"
I laughed and pulled it over my head.
When i got it over my head, I noticed Becca staring at me.
"Like what you see?"
Her head popped up and she blushed then tried to hide it
"Don’t be so conceited. Ugghh YES!" She cracked.
We both laughed before getting serious once we remembered what was happening.
I walked up to her and pulled her into a hug.
"I’m gonna miss you so much Becca. I can’t tell you how much I love you. Please be careful!"
"I love you too Harry. So much! I’m going to miss you too. I will. I’ll be back in no time."  
i love my mom. i tell her my back hurts and she responds...... "kk"

feelin the love mom. feelin the love. <3
okk guys! from now on im gonna write the chapters and Merel is gonna edit and post them:) we both spent a while trying to write the chapter soo please please pleaseee give us feedback on it! i know i probably lost some fans since you dont agree with me finishing it but anyone whose still reading it please just leave a comment saying if you liked it... itll take 2 seconds to leave a comment saying whether you like it or not..
Chapter 44:
   Zayn's POV:     "Thats brilliant Zayn!" "Why didnt we think of that before?!" "I cant believe I didn't think of that. I could've found her already!"
The last one stood out most. "Niall you can't blame yourself for not thinking of it. The thing that reminded me of it was you said she answered when you called. I remember seeing on NCIS them tracking the person by the phone. You need to thank Becca for showing me that show! Don't be so hard on yourself." I tried to reassure him.
Though it didn't help much I guess because he dropped to the ground and punched the ground. Becca pulled him up trying to keep him from hurting himself more.
"Niall you need to calm down!" She said In a tone more sure than I think most of us felt. "We'll find her! I'm basically the expert on it now."
She spoke with an authoritative tone to her voice . Niall physically calmed down, though he looked so broken apart that anyone could tell he hurt from a mile away just by seeing his face.
Louis walked up to Niall and put his hand on his shoulder. "Niall. we can do this! I know this is the worst thing to say to someone who's freaking out but just try to calm down. We'll find her."
   Niall's POV:     "Thanks guys. i ju- i just really hope this works." i mumbled, it was hard to even get this out without my voice wobbling to much..
(I really don't know if i can be calm. I just lost my girl. Louis never was the most sensitive to the situation. Oh well. I can't blame him. I am PRETTY sure he NEVER got his girlfriend kidnapped by a crazy person..) "Guys! its alyssa again. she- she just texted me." You could hear a mix of both pain and desperation in Becca's voice. 
"What'd she say? Dang it Becca WHAT'D SHE SAY?!" I spit the words out of my mouth like Katniss spit the night lock out of her mouth in the Hunger Games.
"Nick." She froze, looking like she was unable to form words... This CANNOT be good news. "What?! Who in the world is Nick? What else did she say?"Ii pushed her to finish.
"it can't be! NO! NO! Nick wouldn't. He- he was so nice. I-" "Who is Nick? What does he have to do with Alyssa?" "He- he's my ex. We uhh- Well I broke up with him a couple weeks before i left to come here to surprise Alyssa. We were together for a year and we were close but-"
She broke off and turned away unable to get out another word. "What? What happened? Please Becca, you gotta tell me!" I grilled her for details.
She sniffled and continued, still not looking at us. "He uhh got to attached and I couldn't do anything anymore without talking to him first. Alyssa didn't know that part and they stayed friends i guess, but i tried not to have any contact with him. It worked but now i guess it back fired."
She turned back around, tears running down her face. "Nicks got Alyssa, and he's willing to give her back in trade for-" I cut her off, already knowing the answer no-one wanted to hear. "In trade for you."
Everyone went silent, thinking the same thing. "No! We have to find a different way. We cant just give Becca up. No!" Harry immediately disagreed, his mind already set in the same way as everyone elses.
"Right now, it's the only way we can get Alyssa back. I- I can talk to him. I'll try to get through to him. Harry it's the only way right now. I don't want to even be in the same continent with him, but if it can save alyssa....." A pause followed, but her voice still unwavering she finished her voice clear with determination.
 "I'll do it.'