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Hey there,I'm claire(:
Anytime you need someone to talk to, I'm here for youu♥
I am currently living in VA and love it! I'm used to moving around
alot and have lived in three other countries and have been to
fifteen countries and hopefully more soon! I cheer for my school
and hopefully competivly next year! I can't even describe how
much I love cheering, its everything to me.
Well hmu if you wanna talk(:


P.S Go check out ruletheworldtonightx's profile and stories! I'm Amanda James in "Miles From Home"♥

Follow me on tumblr at claireahhh.tumblr.com (:

Quotes by xoxch33rxox

90% of people marry their
7th - 12th grade love.

Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight.
If you don't repost this, your worst week starts now.

not mine btw

Believe what you see, forget what you've heard

Never forgive. Never forget.


Big ol' room full of secrets

to find my

Make a sentence [:
First letter of crushes name:
a- I did
b- I kissed
c- I got touched by
d- I hugged
e- I cuddled with
f- I b*tch slapped
g- I skinny-dipped with
h- I danced
j- I 'played' a game with
k- I touched
l- I rescued
m- I drew on
n- I smelled
o- I operated on
p- I picked 'whoevers' nose
q- I killed
r- I kicked 'whoever' in the crotch
s- I married
t- I grinded on
u- I made out with
v- I gave 'whoever' a bloody nose
w- I highfived
x- I laughed at
y- i cried infront of
z- i tazed
Jeans-Justin bieber
Shorts- Rebecca Black
Skirt- Tiger Woods
Sweats- Taylor Lautner (Jacob black)
Yoga pants- My math teacher
Pajamas- Your mom
Other- My principal

Birth month:
Jan- On my birthday
Feb- On my moms birthday
Mar- in my room
Apr- In my dads room
May- In my underwear
Jun- In a car
Jul- At a party
Aug- At school
Sep- At a concert
Oct- In a boat
Nov- In the pool
Dec- On a unicorn

Hair color:
Blonde- Because i was drunk
Brown- Because i wanted it to happen.
Dirty blonde- Because they made me
Black- Because i like to
Red- Because it was a dare
Auburn- Because they're hot
Multicolored- Because i'm desperate
Other- Because we're in love

My result- I played a game with your mom in a boat because they made me.. WHAAT?
-Lol i saw one of these things so i
decided to make one.. i tried to think
of new things.. so sorry. nmf. But comment and stuff..

I always get the urge to delete old quotes.They bring back so many memories.

I want to text him... but I don't want him to think I still like him....


Nothing is going right today

I can't believe how you broke my heart, time after time. And yet I still go back to you each time. I believed you when you said you love me and tell me I'm beautiful but I've had enough,I'm done. You have put me through to much.