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Quotes by xoxheydylann

And Then I told Him He could go
suck it.

Because I handed him a cherry flavored lollipop.


Please Don't steal. Thanks.

 And The Funny Thing Is.

 Even after all you put me through.. I can't find a thing wrong with you.

Don't steal. Mine.

Love is like a game of monopoly.

You can have one last dollar, and own the smallest, cheapest house..


But sooner or later someone is about to land on it..


&& when they do, charge them interest.


Because if you don't,


They are likely to not pay you at all..


And then you will end up loosing the game.


Don't copy thanks. All mine.
These Tears just keep flowing

And I want it all to end

I don't want to live anymore,

And I just need someone to talk to.

                                            Saw this on MLIA                                                                          

"Put the dampit in the f-hole, but use protection first."

                             And had to put it on here                                                       

I'm not  afraid of death..
No I'm afraid of the sleepless hours I have to endure with living.
I'm afraid my life will become a failure
I'm afraid to breath



 All alone he turns to stone..
While holding his breath half to death

~The Used
 I meant what I said and I said what I meant.


                                                          There's No Sympathy For The Dead.

How to get ride of some:

cathylovesyou says: Hey omg so I had the worst day ever!!!

pleasestoptalking says: brb - The Hedge hog is coming out of the closet. No seriously he's attacking me.

pleasestoptalking has logged out

catheylovesyou says: Huh?

One hour later...

catheylovesyou says: Is the hedge hog done attacking you?

Oh yeah.. brb and never come back. That my friends is how you get rid of people;]