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you can always tell the difference between a good guy and a bad one  
the bad one tells you hes different 
and the good one doesnt have too

n m f 


when i am miles away will you still check on me. tell me things will be alright. just tell me we will be together someday. its in the dreams i have. ill be your sunset if you'll be my silhouette. 
a rocket to the moon<3



If I could take these words 
And fill them up with air 
I'd fly you to the stars 
So we can disappear 
If I could take your heart 
And keep it close to me 
I swear it will not break 
I swear it will not bleed 
And I believe 
Just anything you say 
If you would tell me to get lost 
I'd ask "how far away?" 
And now it's getting late 
And I can't keep my eyes open 
My heart's open for you

baby we're invincible
a rocket to the moon<3



+& sometimes  i
favorite  all  of  the
newest  quotes,
just  so  i  can  put  a
new  notification
on  someone's
profile, just  to
put  a  smile  on
someone's  face. i
figured  if  i  can't
make  myself
happy  i  should
make  others


when he hold my holds my hand i never want him to let go. when his lips touch mine, i never want them to separate. i want him to be mine always and forever.


don't find love, let love find you. that's why its called falling in love because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall


n m f / n m q



if  i die young bury me 

in satin lay me down

on a bed of roses<3


is undescribeable.

you think that i can solve it all, you think the road i paved is settled but im
the first one crying when i fall,and falls for me may seem way further to you cause you hold me up so high but sweetheart look a little closer<3

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