Status: that awkward moment when i dont have time to go on witty and i when i finally do on november 13, i see my status is still about summer...
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addicted to witty♥ Thats all im going to say about myself... haha. well follow me and ill follow back :)    i ♥ my 222 followes :).. wanna make it 223??


(:  "you can take everything i have, you can break everything i am. Like m made of glass, like im made of paper, go on and try to tear me down, i will be rising from the ground..Like a skyscraper"

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Quotes by xoxo7777

- My thoughts during february vacation-

Monday: I'll do my homework ...  tomorrow

Tuesday: Ehh i can put it off til tomorrow

Wednesday: putting it off one more day wont hurt

Thursday: Okay i gotta do it today so i can hang with my friends this weekend

Friday: Oh i dont have that much homework , it can wait

Saturday: Homework?? Pshhhh i dont have any

Sunday: Oh its not that much, i'll do it later
Sunday afternoon: maybe i should do it now...after one more episode of gossip girl
Sunday night: Woah since when do teachers assign so much homework
Plot twist:  The substitiute teacher tells you to sit with your friends

When im home alone, and my parents forget to lock the door
When they get home...
"AHHH what if i had gotten kidnapped"

anyone elsee?


else now a




                                 1   thing
                                   2  do
                                     3 words
                                       4  you..

                I    love   you   

*plain white t's



The go-gurt i ate earlier, had a light saber on it... and it actually glows in the dark.

Well played go-gurt. Well played.


Admit it... after seeing the movies:

Soul Surfer - you wanted to try surfing
Bring it on - you wanted to try cheerleading
Ice Princess - you wanted to try figure skating
She's the man- you wanted to try soccer
Step up - you wanted to try dance
Charlie St. Cloud- you wanted to go sailing

We all just
want our lives to be like the movies sometimes ♥

          --------- I wish I was ---------
~ To lift, not one, ~

Both of Us

-taylor swift, B.O.B ♥

The letter most hated by students...
Since the day we started algebra