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Me? What About Me?.
( all about me... xoxo, alyson)

Guess Who!

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Haii! Its alyson!
Want to know
about me or about my work?
mkay, well: here goes:
Im Alyson (suprise, suprise!)
Im 13, and have been a techno-geek for a while.
i launched my first website at age nine.
(p.s. check out my layouts @ lyriclayouts,here on witty)
I like witty because its a place to express myself without having people judge me

i love love love twilight, so no dissing aloud here unless you want your "theory" to be crushed. Reading the series 6+ times has its advantages, you know. lol. im a freak :P.
lots of people call me mean, but thats just 'cuz i tell the truth. if they cant accept it? then, well... thats their problem.

im totally unique, and not always in a good way... lol.
I do indeed say "uuuhhhhmmmmmm" alot, but thats because i get distracted easily.
although brunettes are supposed to be smart, i am not. what a letdown

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Quotes by xoxoAlyson

I dont want
a love like
Edward & Bella
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Jack & Rose
Or Jasmine & Aladdin.
I just want


A love like


Me & You

the end
of a saga
of a family
of endless love
of overcoming hate
of beating the system
of so much more. its the end
of what we wish was true.


just 'cause everyone else
wears it, it doesnt make u
neon      skinny        jeans
and being
"s c e n e"
might make
you  "stylish"
but  your just          another  clone.
and that blue die in
your     hair?
s  l o w l  y
eating   your     head
you camera whores
The    last    thing
h e r e   I s    y o u



 T O   S E L L    T H E I R    B O D Y    F O R 
I     BLAME    HE  FOR

*not mine, its just a pretty version :)
T h a t was  a  k e e p e r ,      k - k - k - k - k e e p e r
D i d n ' t  k n o w  h o w  t o treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her
S O   S i  L  L  Y   B  O Y  , GET OUTTA MY FACE
W h y  d o  y o u  l i k e  t h e  w a y  r e g r e t s taste?
SO SiLLY BOY,  G E T   O U T T A   M Y   H A i R
N o,     i     d o n t     w a n t     y o u    n o    m o r e
G   A   M     '   S          V     E     R
((You Loose))
"W h a t s      I t      L i k e ?
------BEiNG a GiRL?"-----

I     R    E    P    L    I    E    D  . . .
it  hurts...  you  cant  trust
. . .a   n    y    o    n    e. . .
if     you're     not     perfect ,
~~~~~~your out~~~~~~~~
you cry more than when you
were                     two                     years                      old
waterproof  m a s c a r a
is      your       *   best      friend   *
..........p o i n t l e s s  d r a m a..........
is as common as abercrombie
and   life   goes   on   and   on...
BUT            THE              WORST         PART          iS
Getting   --  Up     in     the  --   Morning,
pLASTERING    oN   a   fAKE  sMILE,
and      act     like     nothing's     wrong
========at all=======
Just another Girl Story
you never know how hard you'll cry
you never know how far youll fly
you never know whats coming next
you never know the length to trek
you never know the time of night
you never know how hard that bites
keep your head in the clouds
'cuz the mist is cool
embrace the pain
being a girl just means sucking it up
and acting strong
even though everythings wrong


Most would rather shy away from change, and not even try.
Just ignore it, tremble with fear. I welcome change, arms wide
open, tears streaming, with that broken smile that unlocks
the unknown,

the future.
O  h  ,              c  o  m  e                 o  n  .