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Me? What About Me?.
( all about me... xoxo, alyson)

Guess Who!

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Haii! Its alyson!
Want to know
about me or about my work?
mkay, well: here goes:
Im Alyson (suprise, suprise!)
Im 13, and have been a techno-geek for a while.
i launched my first website at age nine.
(p.s. check out my layouts @ lyriclayouts,here on witty)
I like witty because its a place to express myself without having people judge me

i love love love twilight, so no dissing aloud here unless you want your "theory" to be crushed. Reading the series 6+ times has its advantages, you know. lol. im a freak :P.
lots of people call me mean, but thats just 'cuz i tell the truth. if they cant accept it? then, well... thats their problem.

im totally unique, and not always in a good way... lol.
I do indeed say "uuuhhhhmmmmmm" alot, but thats because i get distracted easily.
although brunettes are supposed to be smart, i am not. what a letdown

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