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I'm Mrs. Styhorapaylikson ♥
Hey I am Sydney, I am 12 years old, and I am in grade 8 at school. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have naturally brown hair, I dyed it blonde last summer but I'm going back to brown. I have dark brown eyes and I stand at 5'1". Music, skateboarding, food, and photography pretty much make up my life. I couldn't live without any of them. I'm a Belieber, Rusher, Little Monster, Arianator, Brat, Swiftie, Lovatic, Selenator, Black Star, Parrothead, Katy-Cat,  and I’m in the KISS Army and Rihanna Navy. I'm MASSIVE Directioner. I get to see my boys (One Direction) on June 25th, 2013. I have a thing for Louis, but I'm super protective of Niall, because he's baby Niall.(: I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran. His voice is just...indescribable. I also love Olly Murs, Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Parachute, Mayday Parade, etc. I listen to most music. Superman and Batman are my heros. I'm obsessed with them. I'm a huge nerd. I love reading, surprisingly. Lol. I love pokemon and superheros. I'm like a little kid. I'm entertained really easily. If you give me a few hotwheels cars I'll sit there and I'll play with them for hours. I've made quite a few friends on Witty and I'd like to make a ton more!
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I'm fangirling over it. like sgnskgjn! Well, I think you are beautiful, and you HAVE TO. like muffins, because they are awesomesauce!
Well byee now ~Lots of 
Love Em(: [Hitherex_] xx June 20, 2012 11:51 pm. 

HELLO SEXYY BUTTERFLY! its your sexy llama talking.!!! Im watching something scaryy! comfort me? haha lol, im gonn give u a bigger big ass hug when we meet! i love you!!! <3 so there is this guy, and i never met him loll, i told him to call me maybe and i gave him my number and yours, sorry. i showed him a pic of u and he sai du were beautiful and asked for ur number, well i will, can i give it to him? loll. i love you babbes. STAY GORGEOUS! i love you byee, June 20th 2012   
Well hai durr. :) Abigail [thatonegirl45] hereeee. I just wanna say that Sydney is one of the coolest kids EVURRR. Belieber, Directioner, Parachute, Ed, and Olly? Yeah, she knows vas 
When she moves to Ft. Lauderdale, she's gonna bring her ass right by my 
school so we can meet, k? k.
Niall is mine. PEACE, BITCHESSS. 6.20.2012.
Hello <3.
Ana was here. Just wanted to say that Sydney is an amazing 8th grader and she awesome!!
She loves One Direction.. but I mean... Who doesn't?? Harry is mine though. <3 <3 But so is Liam... and Zayn... and Niall...Louis too...<3 >3. PEACE OUT <3though June 20, 2012 -AnaCastro196
Hi, It's Michael, I don't even know you. But im on you're profile. ~OmgzMichaelFTW
:O Dis chick stole my place for hacking! :O
Well, hi. It's Shaniqua. StardollUnicorn01. whatever.
Soo, this girl is awesome, even though idk her.
And um...yrsh.
Follow her.
P.s feel my hands, they're soft!

Quotes by xoxoCandyxoxo

And you will never know, just how beautiful you are to me
but maybe I'm just in love when you wake me up 

I feel like an idiot. I just realized that I bought the
One Direction album twice. I bought it on iTunes
then I bought the actual CD. ♥

Which member of One Direction are you most like?

Harry Styles:
[] you have curly hair
[] you're cheeky and flity
[x] you have dimples
[] you have a British accent
[] you talk slowly
[x] you're the youngest of your friends
[x] you love white Converse
[x] your favorite food is tacos
[] you have green eyes
[x] you're under 6ft
[] you love wearing blazers
[] you have a great voice

Louis Tomlinson:
[x] you have straight hair
[x] you love to wear stripes
[x] you love pants that end above the ankle
[] you own at least 1 pair of Toms
[] you have blue eyes
[] you have a British accent
[] you're the oldest of your friends
[x] you're sassy, outgoing and crazy
[x] you love to sing
[] you love people who eat carrots

Zayn Malik:
[] you have amazing eyelashes
[] you have black or dark brown hair
[x] you can be very quiet
[x] you're mysterious and the 'badboy/badgirl' of your group
[x] you have piercings
[x] you're the 'devil' of your friends
[x] you love varsity jackets
[x] you have great fashion senses
[x] you have a catch phrase
[x] you hate dancing
[x] you're vain
[] you use hair products
[x] you like to rap
[] you like to sing solos

Liam Payne:
[x] you change your hairstyle constantly
[] you've had your hair straight and curly before
[] you're sweet as can be
[] you work hard to make people happy
[x] you love to be on Twitter and do twitcams
[x] you love wearing plaid
[] you can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile
[x] you have a signature dance move
[] you love Disney films
[x] you love singing
[] you have a British accent
[x] you're like the 'father/mother' of your friends
[x] you take care of the people you love

Niall Horan:
[] you have amazing hair
[] you have an Irish accent
[x] you bleach or dye your hair
[] you're a hat person
[] you have rosy red cheeks
[x] you love sneakers
[x] you LOVE to eat food
[x] you like guitars
[x] you're funny/like funny people
[] you have blue eyes
[] you have/have had braces
[x] you like to eat sweets for breakfast
[x] you hate Disney films
[] you can do an Irish jig
[x] you love Liam
[x] you love to sing
Harry: 5
Louis: 5
Zayn: 10
Liam: 7
Niall: 9

Most like Zayn♥
All my friends say,
I started shooting doubles when you walked in. ♥
Hey guys! It's Sydney! I made a new Witty. I'm getting tired of this account! I just want to start over and everything. So ask me for my new account!! ♥
Love you all!!
When I was younger kids had
Drake & Josh not iCarly,
Zoey 101 not Victorious,
Barbies not iPhones.

Anybody wanna be my Witty bestfriend?

And the guns rang one last shot and it felt like a bullet in her heart.
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I might be meeting my little Witty sister, Jillian next year at a One Direction concert. I'm in section 102 row 10 lower level. She's in section 102 row 9 lower level. (: